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Pluto Day

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Where is Pluto Day celebrated? 

Pluto day is celebrated United states.

Who is Pluto Day celebrated by?

Pluto day is celebrated by all astronauts in this world.

When did Pluto Day first start?

 Pluto day was first celebrated on 18 February 1930.

Who started Pluto Day?

Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh first discovered this planet, which was part of an earlier solar system in the '30s.

Pluto and Charon were discovered in the Kuiper belt in the solar system's outskirts in the early 21st century.

History And Timeline

The discovery of the planet Pluto system started a way ahead from the 1840s when Urbain Le Verrier was predicting the position of planet Neptune. In the late 19th century, scientists speculated that Uranus orbit was being perturbed by another planet other than Neptune. In 1906 a wealthy Bostonian, Percival Lowell, found Lowell Observatory, Arizona, in 1894. There he started a huge project searching for a possible ninth planet Planet X. Percival Lowell researched his Lowell observatory till his death in 1916.


Search for Planet X

After the death of Percival Lowell's search for planet X, his wife Constance Lowell came into the battle of finding Planet X in 1929. Clyde Tombaugh who was 23 years old, got a job and took part in it


Pluto discovered

Clyde Tombaugh found Planet X after comparing it with the blink comparator. Tombaugh and other astronomers in the Lowell observatory selected the name Pluto, which had Cervical Lowell's initials.


Pluto Enters Neptune's Orbit.

Most planets turn in a circular motion, where Pluto spreads out like an eclipse that is more abnormal than others. Pluto's Orbit Intersects with Neptune which causes Pluto to be far away from the sun, which is almost two years.


Sent a Spacecraft to explore space.

When NASA was aware of this Planet, it sent a small spacecraft. It reached after nine and half years (2014) to its destination. As it arrived, it noticed a Dark zone near the equator and a lighter heart-shaped region.


Dwarf planet Pluto

Pluto was always odd among other planets. It wasn't normal, like small, stony, and close to the sun. It was unique until the size of Pluto's surface and Charon was discovered at the solar system's edge.

Traditions And Customs

People visit the planetarium. Some people read why Pluto is downgraded as a dwarf planet from the full-sized planet.

Ways To Celebrate Pluto Day

On Pluto day, we generally visit museums, play some games like puzzles crosswords related to space.

Facts And Stats

  • Charon, Hydra, Styx, Nix, Kerberos are five moons of Pluto. Celebrate this day by learning such interesting scientific facts about Pluto.
  • Pluto has a fascinating world with blue skies, spinning moons, high rocky mountains, but the snow is red. Celebrate this day by sharing such beautiful images of Pluto on your social media accounts.
  • Celebrate this day by educating school children about Pluto and our solar system.

FAQs About Pluto Day

How do we celebrate Pluto day?

We celebrate Pluto day by visiting a museum or watching some movie related to space.

Why is Pluto a dwarf planet?

Pluto became a dwarf planet because of its odd features.

How big is Pluto compared to Earth?

Pluto is very small and two-thirds of the earth's moon.

What is pluto's diameter?

Pluto's diameter is 1476 mi (2,375 km)

What is the orbit of Pluto?

Orbit of Pluto is oval-shaped where the sun is not in the center.

How was Pluto formed?

One theory suggests that Pluto has been formed from the collection of comets and objects in the Kuiper belt.

How did Pluto become a dwarf planet?

By considering the size, shape, and distance, Pluto was considered a dwarf planet.

What are some events related to Pluto day?

Pluto Demoted Day is another event that is related to Pluto day

What is the importance of celebrating Pluto day?

It is the day when scientists discovered one more planet.

What are some reasons for celebrating Pluto day?

Tombaugh Clyde discovered Pluto in Lowell Observatory. It took almost 30 years to discover PlanetX.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 18, 2020 Tuesday
February 18, 2021 Thursday
February 18, 2022 Friday
February 18, 2023 Saturday
February 18, 2024 Sunday

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