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Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day

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Where is Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day celebrated?

National Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day is on the US National Calendar and is celebrated throughout the USA.

Who is Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by students and teachers in America and also some other countries worldwide.

When did Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day first start?

The first Teacher Appreciation Week was in 1953, but there is no information on when Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day first started.

Who started Preschool Teacher Appreciation TeacherDay?

There is no information available on who started this appreciation day.

Teachers must be appreciated for all that they do to help their students

History And Timeline

This day is an amazing opportunity to honor preschool educators who teach the students through the formative and critical phases of learning. Check out the following timeline related to this day.


Proposed Idea

Eleanor Roosevelt proposed the idea of teachers appreciation. Eleanor Roosevelt was the person who convinced the 81st Congress for the celebration of the Teacher Appreciation Week in March.


First Preschool In The US

When the first public preschool was established in the United States, it was available for the public.


Support To The Poor

In the '80s, the pre-schools started to support kids from low-income families who could not afford the education there.


Preschool Enrolment Of Children Recorded

In 2000, nearly 70% of the youngsters at four years old attended preschools.

Traditions And Customs

It is the day to honor the preschool educators and appreciate their hard work. On this day, kids make handmade gifts or greeting cards for their teachers and try to make them feel special.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day

The ways in which you can celebrate Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day include thanking teachers by crafting cards. Handwritten letters or handpicked flowers are also great gift ideas.

Facts And Stats

  • Statistics have also observed that around 94% of teachers spend their earnings in the classroom on the students who attend their class. This is one of the things that show us why Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day is important and worth celebrating.
  • The third Friday of March every year is celebrated as Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Another event related to this day is National Teacher's Week which is celebrated in May every year.

FAQs About Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day

Is there a National Preschool Day?

National Preschooler's Day is the second Friday in March, while Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day is the third Friday in March.

What makes preschool teachers special?

Kids can get easily distracted, so the teachers need to be creative and have innovative techniques to help keep their focus. 

What are the things you can do for Teacher Appreciation Week?

As a parent, you can help decorate the class or send the teacher a gift card. Also, parents can help a child to write a letter and send it to their teacher.

Who encouraged the celebration of Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day?

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first to state that teachers need to be recognized and helped start the Teacher Appreciation Week we celebrate in May. However, we do not have information about the origins of Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day.

How do students celebrate Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day?

Students can create hand-made gifts for their teachers, like cards, paintings, bouquets, and the like. Above all, they can be good learners and show their teachers they love and appreciate them.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 20, 2020 Friday
March 19, 2021 Friday
March 18, 2022 Friday
March 17, 2023 Friday
March 15, 2024 Friday

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