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Professional Speakers Day

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Where is Professional Speakers Day celebrated?  

 Professional Speakers Day is celebrated and observed worldwide.

Who is Professional Speakers Day celebrated by?

Professional Speaker Day is celebrated and observed by all the people interested in public speaking and who want to honor these professional speakers.

When did Professional Speakers Day first start?

No one noted the beginning of this special day as all these professional speakers were busy delivering their speeches, and all those who listened were mesmerized in listening to them.

Who started Professional Speakers Day?

 It is unknown about the founder of Professional Speakers Day.

Professional speakers don't talk; they layout great assistance with just the spoken word in many aspects of life.

History And Timeline

Professional speakers can encourage, educate, inform and motivate the public by grabbing the attention of the listener.

384-322 BCE

Aristotle Artistic Proofs

Aristotle suggested three artistic proofs, logos, pathos, and ethos, to convince the audience.

106-43 BCE

The Five Canons Of Rhetoric

Cicero, famous orators formated five canons of rhetorics: style, arrangement, memory, invention, and delivery still used in public speaking platforms.


George Campbell Works

George Campbell, a Scottish minister, used a scientific approach and logical reasoning to justify how an orator influences the audience.


Lasswell's Model Of Communication

Harold Lasswell, an American political scientist, designed a structural format of communication where it answers concepts such as: who is saying, what thing, through which channel, to whom it is said, and with what effect it is delivered

20th century

Public Speaking Turned In To Profession

Throughout this era, public speaking became crucial in schools, offices, and universities, and many took it as a profession.

Traditions And Customs

No particular traditions are followed to observe this special day, but this day is a great chance to honor your favorite professional speakers.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Professional Speakers Day

We can celebrate Professional Speakers Day by attending seminars or webinars of a famous or well-known speaker. You may prepare a short video, enacting like a professional speaker, and post it on social media.

Facts And Stats

  • Martin Luther King Jr. is a famous public speaker of all time. Watch and learn from his videos on Professional Speakers Day.
  • Learn to develop your skillset like mode of speech, the way you stand up in front of the audience, proper eye contact on Professional Speakers Day by joining public speaking classes.
  • Teach the importance of Professional Speaking to the children on this day.

FAQs About Professional Speakers Day

What makes someone a professional speaker?

A speaker who can deliver his speech with confidence, connect with the audience, have a command on the subject he speaks, and has pleasing body language can become a professional speaker.

What do you call a professional public speaker?

We call a professional public speaker a spokesman or orator.

What limits celebrating the Professional Speakers Day?

There are no notable limitations in celebrating Professional Speakers Day unless there is a proper medium for expressing our thoughts and the audience to listen to the diction.

What are some events related to Professional Speakers Day?

Other events related to this day are World Speech Day (March 15), Speak Up And Succeed Day (celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of January every year).

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 07, 2020 Friday
August 07, 2021 Saturday
August 07, 2022 Sunday
August 07, 2023 Monday
August 07, 2024 Wednesday

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