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Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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Where is Puppy Mill Awareness Day observed?

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is celebrated in the U.S.

Who is Puppy Mill Awareness Day observed by?

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is celebrated by people who love pets, especially dogs and puppies. Dog lovers love this day and enjoy celebrating it with their fellow furry friends.

When did Puppy Mill Awareness Day first start?

Puppy Mill Awareness Day started in 2003 to increase puppy mill awareness, and to make adoption a viable option rather than buying.

Who started Puppy Mill Awareness Day?

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is assumed to have been started by rescue groups and dog lovers.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day aims to improve the living conditions of these animals.

History And Timeline

Puppy mills were common in business when it came to buying pet dogs. From celebrities to rich families, many people buy puppies and dogs from puppy mills. Some were aware of the cruelty, and the rest ignored it. However, an active approach by rescue groups to stop this cruel business helped rescue many dogs and led people to adopt instead of buying a dog.


Playing Detective

The Humane Society of the United States finally investigated the breeding dog kennels where there was no care taken. Puppies and dogs were handled carelessly, and it was only a profit-oriented business where people came to buy tamed puppies.


An Open Secret

This puppy mill business had many internal connections and found ways to get these puppies sold for a huge amount of money. An expose that was done revealed that a reputed pet store in Los Angeles sold puppies to celebrities bought from puppy mills.


Pup Talk

There was rising concern about buying a pup from a puppy mill. An article published in 'Pet Business' magazine addressed the topic of how purchasing puppies from pet stores is also inhumane.


Closing Doors

People were becoming more aware of the lucrative business of selling dogs. Animal activists and dog lovers came forward to take action against puppy mills. As a result, the second-largest puppy broker, Lambriar, Inc., was forced to shut its doors.


Puppy Mill Awareness Day

ASPCA joined like-minded animal welfare organizations to create awareness of the need for veterinary care for puppy mill dogs.

Traditions And Customs

Puppy Mill Awareness Day raises awareness about how careless puppy mills are and the number of puppies and dogs who have become victims of this cruel businessSince many of us continue to buy dogs, these mills have been running on the same basis. Buying a dog is very risky and puts the puppy at stake. Hence, it is better to adopt a puppy and provide a loving life for your furry friend. It was observed that many people made sure to collect enough funds to end the puppy mill business.

Ways To Observe Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is celebrated to create awareness among dog lovers and encourage them to adopt dogs and puppies. This day can be celebrated by adopting a pet for yourself or gifting a dog to someone you love. The best way to fight against the cruelty of puppy mills is to take active action by adopting and being a changemaker. This will inspire others to adopt a dog instead of buying one. Another way to stop the ill-treatment of dogs at the hands of dog mills is by donating money. Puppy mills lack finances, so why not help them reach their financial goals in order to ensure a better puppy mill, thus saving the puppies who are suffering? You can also organize a fundraiser to raise large contributions in the form of a charity event.

Facts And Stats

  • Puppy Mill Awareness Day was created to educate by raising awareness about this careless puppy mill industry
  • This day encourages people to adopt a puppy from a mill instead of purchasing one.
  • Different events are organized by humane organizations across the U.S. on this day.

FAQs About Puppy Mill Awareness Day

What are the signs of a puppy mill?

If a puppy is not clean and healthy with no vaccines having been given, it is a sign that it belongs to a puppy mill. They have breeding dogs and puppies for sale and also use false advertising.

Can a puppy from a puppy mill be healthy?

Puppy mills are a commercial breeding industry, and it is rare for a puppy to be healthy given the lack of veterinary care and proper attention.

Are puppy mills real?

Yes, there are various puppy mills, and the Humane Society of the United States estimates that around 2.15 million puppies are sold over the internet every year.

How do puppy mills raise awareness?

They raise awareness through activists, rescue groups, and non-profit organizations in the U.S.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 19, 2020 Saturday
September 18, 2021 Saturday
September 17, 2022 Saturday
September 16, 2023 Saturday
September 21, 2024 Saturday

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