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Red Hat Society Day

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Where is Red Hat Society Day celebrated?

Though the day started in the U.S, it is now popularly celebrated throughout the world.

Who is Red Hat Society Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by older and younger female members of the Red Hat society.

When did Red Hat Society Day first start?

It's not sure when the day first started. It slowly popularized as the number of society members increased.

Who started Red Hat Society Day?

Sue Ellen Cooper, the founder of the Red Hat Society, is considered the person who started this day.

Women over 50 having the membership of this social organization are called red hatters.

History And Timeline

Here is a brief timeline of how this group and this day grew to where they are now.


The Red Hat Gesture Was Coined

Sue Cooper bought a red fedora hat as a fun gift to her friend for her 55th birthday. This original gift was a reminder to grow older playfully.

April 25, 1998

The Red Hat Society Was Established

The Red Hat Society was officially formed by Sue Ellen and a group of her female friends at a tea party, and the first meeting was held.


Two Chapters Created

In 1999, the society grew into two humble chapters.


The Society Grew In Size

The society grew into thousands of chapters in the U.S. alone.


The Movement Became Popular.

As of 2020, the society had more than 25,000 members globally.

Traditions And Customs

As per the day's traditions, women older than 50 are called 'red hatters,' and they wear purple outfits and red hats to all events.

Today, women younger than 50 are also allowed to be a part of this society, and they are called pink hatters. This society's women make the tradition more fun by elaborately decorating their hats and picking exclusive pink and purple attire for tea parties. They dress up playfully to mark this event.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Red Hat Society Day

If you are a member of this society, wear a red bowler hat this day. You can also wear purple attire as a mark of this day. You can throw a tea party for friends to celebrate Sue Cooper and her initiative.

Find a thrift shop nearby and get your red bowler hat, and maybe even add a feather or two to it. Wear fun purple clothes to the events and have fun with your friends.

Facts And Stats

  • Along with the red hat, Sue Ellen Cooper gave her friend a poem written by Jenny Joseph, 'Warning.' This was the starting point of this day as the poem talked about women over 50 years of age wearing red hats and purple clothes.
  • This special day can now also be celebrated through Virtual Hatting online.
  • The society organizes a themed convention every April 25, and like the first meeting, Sue Ellen Cooper graces the convention.

FAQs About Red Hat Society Day

Why is it called the Red Hat Society?

It's called so because Sue chose the red hat as a symbol to encourage women over 50 to celebrate their lives.

What does red hat mean?

Red hats are a reference from a poem by Jenny Joseph titled 'Warning.'

Who invented the concept of Red Hat Society Day?

This day was initiated by Sue Ellen Cooper.

What are some advantages of celebrating Red Hat Society Day?

This day encourages women to dress up and have fun without worrying about being age-appropriate.

How does the Red Hat Society inspire women to age with joy?

This social organization helps women find acceptance and the chance to have fun despite their ages.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 24, 2020 Friday
April 24, 2021 Saturday
April 24, 2022 Sunday
April 24, 2023 Monday
April 24, 2024 Wednesday

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