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Respect For Parents Day

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Where is Respect For Parents Day celebrated? 

Respect for Parents Day is usually celebrated annually by everyone in the US.

Who is Respect For Parents Day celebrated by?

Respect For Parents Day is celebrated by conscientious sons and daughters living in the United States who recognize the essential role of parents.

When did Respect For Parents Day first start?

The annual celebration of Respect For Parents Day started in 1994. 

Who started Respect For Parents Day?

Respect for Parents Day was started by Marilyn Dalrymple.

Young man kissing his old father's hands and showing respect.

History And Timeline

Parents set a foundation for teaching children to be responsible in life. They play a significant role in shaping our future. Respect For Parents Day was created in appreciation of all parents across the world for all the sacrifices they make to give a better life to their children.



Parents' Day

South Korea started celebrating Parents' Day annually in their country on May 8.


Siku Ya Wazazi

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Siku ya Wazazi, or Parents' Day was initiated on August 1.


Parents' Day In The US

Bill Clinton passed a bill to observe every fourth Sunday of July as National Parents' day.


Respect For Parents Day

Marilyn Dalrymple started this day on August 1 in the same year as Parents' Day in the US.


Global Day Of Parents

The celebration of Global Day of Parents on June 1 was declared by the U.N. General Assembly.

Traditions And Customs

There are not any known traditions and customs associated with Respect For Parents Day. Respect for a parent comes from within and not by following any traditions. So the celebration of this day depends on respective children. 

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Respect for Parents Day

 A respectful gift for them on this day will surely make them happy, but for a parent, nothing is greater than the affection of their children. A great way to spend time with them would be by going to a place where you used to visit regularly with your parents as a child. It will be a recollection of memories. This day has the power of bringing families together.

Facts And Stats

  • It is believed that Respect For Parents Day is a demonstration of the respect that the parents give to their children.
  • Respect For Parents Day was brought into being to remind people across the world that parents deserve respect and honor.
  • The day is not a federal holiday in the US even though it is celebrated across the nation. Several countries have their own days to celebrate parents' contribution such as Parents' Worship Day in India celebrated on February 14.

FAQs About Respect For Parents Day

Why is it important to respect your parents?

We should value parents not only because they give us love and care but also because they give a sense of security and help us in shaping our future. The respect for our parents comes naturally from our love for them.

Which day is Respect For Parents Day?

Respect For Parents Day is celebrated every year on August 1.

What is the significance of Respect For Parents Day?

Respect For Parents Day is celebrated every year to recognize the lifelong sacrifice and selfless commitment of parents for nurturing children and giving them the best they can.

Who started Respect For Parents Day?

Respect For Parent Day was started by Marilyn Dalrymple of Lancaster, California to appreciate a parent's role in the growth of children.

How do people follow Respect For Parents Day?

Celebrate this day by recognizing the leadership roles parents play in a child's life. Make them feel like the special people they are on this day for the love and affection shown by them throughout your life.

What is the history and origin of Respect For Parents Day?

In 1994, Respect For Parents Day was started by Marilyn Dalrymple of Lancaster, California, to remind everyone around the globe that parents deserve the same amount of love and care they give to us. This day was established to bring joy to families, united under one roof.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 01, 2020 Saturday
August 01, 2021 Sunday
August 01, 2022 Monday
August 01, 2023 Tuesday
August 01, 2024 Thursday

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