Ronald Reagan Day
February 6, 2023

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Ronald Wilson Reagan was from a humble background and aimed to work for the public good and for freedom throughout his life and time in office.

After graduation, he began his career as a sports commentator in Iowa. In 1937, he relocated from Iowa to California, where he became an actor and appeared in major Hollywood productions.

Reagan also served in the military, became a union leader, and was a Hollywood Democrat until he was elected as Governor of California in 1966. He was the 40th President of America from 1981-1989 and served two full terms.

Where is Ronald Reagan Day celebrated?  

Ronald Reagan Day is celebrated annually in California and Wisconsin and is also a holiday for many other states across the nation.

Who is Ronald Reagan Day celebrated by?

The people of America celebrate the holiday to honor one of the nation's most popular Presidents and a famous actor.

When did Ronald Reagan Day first start?

The day was first started in 2011 on February 6, to recognize the former President and Governor, Ronald Reagan.

Who started Ronald Reagan Day?

In 2011, governors of 21 states of the USA issued proclamations to observe February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day. Later, 40 governors issued a further proclamation in their states, including Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan.

History And Timeline

As President, he started implementing new economic and political initiatives, including winning the Cold War. Even though he inherited a nation shackled by inflation, his policy agendas lowered crime and drug use.


Birth Of An Icon

Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6.


The Proclamation

The proclamation of Ronald Reagan Day was initiated by Gray Davis, who was Governor of California.


Day Of Significance In California

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the then Governor of California, added SB 944 into law, making the day a special holiday in California.


The Official Declaration

The first official Ronald Reagan Day was observed on the 100th birthday of President Reagan.


Reagan Day In Michigan

Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, proclaimed February 6 as President Reagan Day.

Traditions And Customs

The economic policies nicknamed 'Reaganomics' were created during a period of strong economic growth and lowering inflation. Among other accomplishments during his time in office, President Reagan was credited with ending the Cold War through his vision of 'Peace through strength'. He decreased social spending, reduced taxes, and increased military spending to spur the growth of the nation.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Ronald Reagan Day

Conduct a history lesson on the life of President Reagan, including his life journey from a small town to one of the most influential Presidents in history.

Organize programs to honor the political career and life of the late President.

Share your celebration photos and stories with family and friends. Spread the fame of the former Governor on social media.

Host a fun party and let everyone dress up as a Reagan character.

Facts And Stats

  • Ronald Reagan Day is declared as a state holiday in Wisconsin.
  • The day honors Ronald Reagan (known as 'The Teflon President') by closing all government offices, schools, community colleges, and even libraries!
  • This day gives an insight into the significant moments of history and policies of President Reagan.
  • The Governors of many states commemorate the day, but it is a special day in Iowa, as he was briefly an Iowan.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


February 6, 2020


February 6, 2021


February 6, 2022


February 6, 2023


February 6, 2024


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