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Sadie Hawkins Day

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Where is Sadie Hawkins Day celebrated?  

Sadie Hawkins Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is Sadie Hawkins Day celebrated by?

 Sadie Hawkins Day is celebrated by young girls and boys.

When did Sadie Hawkins Day first start?

Sadie Hawkins Day was a fictional celebration in a comic strip Li'l Abner by Al Capp. It was celebrated in 1937 for the first time.

Who started Sadie Hawkins Day?

As per the comic strip, Li'l Abner of Al Capp Sadie Hawkins Day was started by Hekzebiah Hawkins.

Sadie Hawkins Day had lost its excitement in the 21st century, unlike when it was created as women today are more independent and bold and do not hesitate to ask their guy out for a coffee or dance, especially Sadie Hawkins dance.

History And Timeline

The history of Sadie Hawkins Day goes back to the comic story created by an American cartoonist Al Capp called Li'l Abner. This story is about the daughter of a rich man in the fictional town of Kentucky who was not married until the age of 35. This worried her father, and he came up with an idea. He called all the boys of the town and conducted a foot race and whoever was caught by his daughter before crossing the end line had to marry her. Sadie Hawkins' comic was printed in many newspapers in the US in the year 1937, and it instantly gained popularity. In a span of one year, many college students loved the idea of girls chasing or proposing boys and started celebrating this day, and by the year 1939, Life magazine printed an article of two pages which talked about hows girls chased boys in almost 201 colleges on Sadie Hawkins Day.


Birth Of A Star Cartoonist

Alfred Gerald Caplin, later known by the pen name Al Capp was born in New Haven.


First Comic Strip Li'l Abner Published

Li'l Abner was published for the first time in the United States' newspapers.

November 9, 1937

First Appearance Of Sadie Hawkins

Sadie Hawkins marks her first appearance in Al Capp's comic strip Lil Abner.

November 15, 1937

First Sadie Hawkins Day Celebration

Sadie Hawkins Day was first celebrated on November 15, 1937, in the comic strip.


Sadie Hawkins Featured In A Magazine

Sadie Hawkins was published in the Life Magazine in the year 1939.

Traditions And Customs

The tradition of celebrating Sadie Hawkins Day gained importance after Life Magazine published an article about girls from 201 colleges chasing boys in 1939. This tradition recurred every year, and by the '50s, people in almost fifty thousand locations across the United States started celebrating this holiday.

Ways To Celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day

The ways one can celebrate this holiday is by gathering some courage and asking that special person out for a coffee at any of their favorite coffee shops or finding a partner for the Sadie Hawkins dance or any other dance classes held in your city.

Facts And Stats

  • The day, for the first time, was not celebrated in real life. It was rather celebrated in the comic world.
  • On its first celebration in 1937, the day was celebrated on November 15 rather than November 13.
  • Young boys and girls around the world but especially in the USA love to celebrate this day. They like the idea of freedom in love.

FAQs About Sadie Hawkins Day

What day is Sadie Hawkins Day?

Sadie Hawkins Day is on November 13.

How do you celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day?

Sadie Hawkins Day is celebrated by going to some dance classes or by asking out the special someone in your life.

What is Sadie Hawkins Day 2020?

According to ancient belief, women can propose only in a leap year, and this belief became associated with Sadie Hawkins Day, which falls on November 13, owing to the similarity of the concept.

Who was Sadie Hawkins?

Sadie Hawkins was a fictional character of Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner.

Why are some people excited about Sadie Hawkins Day?

Some people will be excited about this national holiday as on this day they can gain all their courage and propose that special person in their life.

What are some events related to Sadie Hawkins Day?

The events similar to Sadie Hawkins Day is Leap Day and National Boyfriend Day.

What are some reasons for celebrating Sadie Hawkins Day?

The reason to celebrate this day is to encourage women to break free from their inhibitions, gain courage, and approach that one special person of their life.

What is the motto of Sadie Hawkins Day?

A: The motto behind this holiday is to avoid forced marriage for women and give them a chance to choose their life partner.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 13, 2020 Friday
November 13, 2021 Saturday
November 13, 2022 Sunday
November 13, 2023 Monday
November 13, 2024 Wednesday

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