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Where is SBDC Day Celebrated?

SBDC Day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is SBDC Day celebrated by?

SBDC Day is celebrated by small business owners and entrepreneurs in the USA who are vital for the economic development of the country.

When did SBDC Day first start?

The first observance of SBDC Day took place in 2017, while it was recognized by the House Committee on Small Business in 2018.

Who started SBDC Day?

It is not known who started SBDC day, but the House Committee on Small Business recognized this day in 2018, one year after it first occurred.

SBDC services are important in the international trade market.

History And Timelines

A small business development center is the backbone of the small business community. The success and failure of a new business depend a lot on the SBDC.


First Instance Of Small Business Development

The first occurrence of small business development goes back to the 1600s, when the trade of crops, services, and supplies began in the United States.


Blooming Of Small Businesses

After the country became independent, the sector of small businesses started growing rapidly.


First Bank Card

Charg-it was the first bank card in the world that was introduced in Brooklyn, allowing people to charge money to the bank.


Development Of Small Business

The small business sector grew with the growth of America.


Interest In Entrepreneurship

The decade showed an increased interest in people about entrepreneurship and also saw a spike in start-ups.

Traditions And Customs

There is no definite way to celebrate SBDC Day, but you can find out more on the official website of American SBDC. You can see the thousands of clients and listen to the success stories of the various business SBDCs of the USA.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate SBDC Day

You can learn what you can get from a Small Business Development Center, and you might even share some of your experiences with them.

Try to find the regional office near you, and you may think of getting involved by volunteering in the conferences and seminars that take place during SBDC Day.

Marketing a new job is an important part of small business administration, and SBDC Day can help businesses with information on this topic.

SBDC Day Facts and Stats

  • The international trade and economic development of the state rest on the marketing strategies and small business administration of the business owners. Facts like these are celebrated on SBDC Day.
  • There are over 1,000 Small Business Development centers across the US, which are celebrated on SBDC Day.
  • On March 16, other than SBDC Day, we also celebrate National Lips Appreciation Day and National No Selfie Day.

FAQs About SBDC Day

What is SBDC Day?

SBDC Day is a day reserved to celebrate the USA's small business development centers (SBDCs).

What is the difference between SBA and SBDC?

The SBA or Small Business Administration is a federal agency of the US, while the Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) function in cooperation with the SBA to help launch small businesses.

What is the motto of SBDC day?

The motto of SBDC Day is to help small business owners with capital investments and provide clients.

What is the importance of celebrating SBDC day?

The importance of SBDC Day is to recognize the small business community, which is a vital cog in the economic development of the United States.

What is the history behind this day?

The day was first celebrated in 2017. The need to support and sustain the small businesses led to the formation of the Small Business Development Center, which in turn led to the formation of this day.

Who is the founder of this day?

No individual or organization is credited as the founder of the day, but the House Committee on Small Business has recognized this day since 2018.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 18, 2020 Wednesday
March 17, 2021 Wednesday
March 16, 2022 Wednesday
March 15, 2023 Wednesday
March 20, 2024 Wednesday

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