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Self-Injury Awareness Day

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Where is Self-Injury Awareness Day observed?  

Self-Injury Awareness Day is a global event observed throughout the world.

Who is Self-Injury Awareness Day observed by?

Several organizations from different parts of the world observe Self-Injury Awareness Day. Some of them are Sociedad Internacional de Autolesión, Self-Injury Foundation, ChildLine India Foundation, and Adolescent Self-Injury Foundation. Besides these, The Mix, YoungMinds, and LifeSIGNS also participate in the annual Self-Injury Awareness Day observance.

When did Self-Injury Awareness Day first start?

The origin of Self-Injury Awareness Day is unknown.

Who started Self-Injury Awareness Day?

The creator of Self-Injury Awareness Day remains unidentified.

A man arms holding his painful injured wrist

History And Timeline

Here, we will see some historical events related to Self-Injury Awareness Day.

19th Century

Needle Girls

American doctors Walter Pyle and George Gould observed that many women around Europe were using needles to practice self-harm. Needle Girls is a term used to describe these women.


Emergence Of Mental Health Act

In Britain, the Mental Health Act emerged in 1959. This act allowed for the treatment of mental illness in general hospitals.


Categorization Of Self-Harm

McKay H. B. and Ross R. R. categorized people into nine groups based on their methods of self-harm.


EURO Multicentre Study

A EURO Multicentre and World Health Organization Study revealed that self-harm is considerably higher among females.


'A Bright Red Scream'

In 1988, Marilee Strong published 'A Bright Red Scream', a well-researched book on self-harm practices. This book will give you a clear understanding of this topic.  

Traditions And Customs

Self-harming behaviors were first recognized in the late 19th century. Walter Pyle and George Gould noticed that many women around Europe were using needles to self-injure. Then, in the wake of the 20th century, L. E. Emerson coined the term 'self-mutilation' to refer to self-injurious behaviors. In 1979, McKay H. B. and Ross R. R. conducted a study that divided self-harm into nine categories based on self-harming methods.

It is not clear when Self-Injury Awareness Day was first observed. However, it is one of the most significant international events. People follow several traditions while observing this event, including wearing an orange ribbon, drawing a butterfly on the wrist, and writing 'LOVE' on the arm. These traditions give extra support to people to help people overcome these practices.

Ways To Observe Self-Injury Awareness Day

The best thing to do on this day is to wear an orange ribbon and participate in the Self-Injury Awareness Day observance. If you have friends who are going through a rough time or showing warning signs, then check up on them. Show them your support and let them know that you will always be there to help them.

Finally, if you find it difficult to deal with negative emotions, talk to medical professionals and ensure everything is all right. Proper medical treatment will provide the timely help.

Facts And Stats

  • Self-Injury Awareness Day is an international event that falls on March 1 every year. 
  • Around 17% of people tend to engage in self-injurious practices during their lifetime.
  • March 1, 2023's Self-Injury Awareness Day falls on a Wednesday.

FAQs About Self-Injury Awareness Day

What is the significance of Self-Injury Awareness Day?

Self-Injury Awareness Day raises awareness among people about self-harm practices. Also, it helps people overcome self-injurious behavior.


How is Self-Injury Awareness Day different from World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day aims to raise awareness about all mental health issues. On the other hand, Self-Injury Awareness Day mainly focuses on self-harm practices.


How does this day affect people psychologically and emotionally?

Self-Injury Awareness Day helps people deal with negative feelings and depression. Those who suffer from self-harm tendencies also recognize that they are not alone. It helps them overcome their self-injurious behavior.


What is the history and origin of Self-Injury Awareness Day?

The history and origin of Self-Injury Awareness Day are unknown.


What is special about Self-Injury Awareness Day?

Self-Injury Awareness Day spreads awareness among people about self-injurious practices. The day reminds us to keep an eye out for warning signs like fresh cuts, scars, and burns. This way, we can easily recognize and help them overcome self-harming behaviors.


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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 01, 2021 Monday
March 01, 2022 Tuesday
March 01, 2023 Wednesday
March 01, 2024 Friday
March 01, 2025 Saturday

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