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Single Working Women's Day

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Where is Single Working Women's Day celebrated? 

Single Working Women's Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is Single Working Women's Day celebrated by?

Single Working Women's Day is primarily celebrated by all single working women of the United States. But it is not restricted to single working women only. Anyone can pay homage to single working women on this day, be it a single man or a single woman.

When did Single Working Women's Day first start?

Single Working Women's Day first started in the year 2006. It was the handiwork of the Single Women's Affiliate Network, which in turn was established by a single woman named Barbara Payne and her friends.

Who started Single Working Women's Day?

Single Working Women's Day was the brainchild of an organization named the Single Working Women's Affiliate Network. It was founded by a single working woman named Barbara Payne.

Single Working Women's Day can have a positive effect towards ending gender discrimination.

History And Timeline

Single women have been breaking stereotypes for the last several decades. From the time of the Women's Suffrage Movement in the middle of the 19th century to the present fight against gender bias against single employees in the contemporary workspace, the struggle of women against institutional bias has come a long way.

19th century

Women Leave The Factories

During the high time of the Industrial Revolution, women and children were partakers in the labor market. However, due to the ill-treatment that they faced in the hands by factory owners, women were eventually removed from the labor market and locked away inside kitchens by the protective men!

20th century

Women Return To Factories

The first half of the 20th century witnessed two World Wars. Due to the absence of an adequate number of working men in the US during this period, women were asked to fill in the shoes. Thus began the return of women to the labor market.


Women Granted Voting Rights

The year 1920 saw the culmination of a long and hard-fought struggle by women's groups in their quest to achieve equal voting rights. On August 18, 1920, the US government ratified the constitution via the 19th Amendment Act, to grant women equal voting rights in US elections.


Act Against Pregnancy Discrimination Passed

On October 31, 1978, a milestone law was passed by the US government. The highly progressive law stated that under no circumstances would a pregnant woman be discriminated against in the job market and the workplace.


Birth Of Single Working Women's Day

Noting that there existed not a single day commemorating the work and sacrifice done by the millions of single working women in the country, on the lines of Mother's Day or Father's Day, the Single Women's Working Day was given wings by the Single Women's Affiliate Network.

Traditions And Customs

There are no existing traditions or customs associated with Single Working Women's Day in the United States. It is comparatively a new unofficial national holiday, starting in 2006. So, a time could come when we will find institutionalized customs associated with this day. We have to wait and watch!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Single Working Women's Day

This is a day on which all of us should pay homage to single women working in different sectors of human society. Single women include not just single working women who go to an office or any other working place outside the house, but also the single woman working inside the house. On this day, give a shout-out to all single mothers out there who toil day and night while raising children. If you have been raised by single parents, make sure you pay a visit to each one of them and show your appreciation for the job that they have done over the years.

Remember to share your stories or pictures on social media to help spread awareness about this vital day.

Facts And Stats

  • On this day, it is important to learn that about 54 % of employed women in the US are not married; this day, therefore, becomes important to raise awareness.
  • This day is also a good opportunity to break all the stereotypes associated with being a single woman.
  • It is projected that by 2030 around 45% of women will be single and a part of the workforce. Thus, this day is important to draw attention to create more single working women-oriented workplace policies.

FAQs About Single Working Women's Day

What do you do on Single Working Women's Day?

Single Working Women's Day is meant to be celebrated as a day in which the hard work and sheer dedication put in by all single working women is honored and commemorated.

Which day is called Single Working Women's Day?

Every year, Single Working Women's Day falls on August 4.

Why is Single Working Women's Day important?

Single Working Women's Day is important because it is a day when we take a moment to pause and celebrate the monumental contribution that is put in by the single working woman.

When is Single Women's Working Day?

Like every year, Single Working Women's Day will be celebrated on August 4, 2022. It is a Thursday.

Who started Single Working Women's Day?

Single Working Women's Day was initiated under the aegis of the Single Working Women's Affiliate Network in 2006. This organization was established by a single working woman named Barbara Payne.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 04, 2020 Tuesday
August 04, 2021 Wednesday
August 04, 2022 Thursday
August 04, 2023 Friday
August 04, 2024 Sunday

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