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St. Nicholas Day

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Where is St. Nicholas Day Celebrated?

St. Nicholas day is celebrated annually in the regions of Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Who is St. Nicholas Day celebrated by?

This special day is observed by the natives of Northwestern Europe, especially the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

When did St. Nicholas Day first start?

The origin of this particular day dates back to the early 1200s, when people started celebrating this day for the first time on December 6.

Who started St. Nicholas Day?

It is believed that the Catholics of France were among the first who started celebrating December 6, as Bishop Nicholas Day.

St Nicholas Day is an annual event.

History And Timelines

As a patron saint of children, St. Nicholas is known for his kindness and benevolent nature, instances of which can be found in the pages of history. Throughout his entire life, he served the poor, aiding them in every way possible.

270 AD

Birth Of St. Nicholas

March 15, 270 AD marks the birth date of Saint Nicholas, who is also known as Nicholas of Bari.

325 AD

First Council Of Nicaea

Historical evidence suggests that it was during this year St. Nicholas attended the council of Christian Bishops, which is called the First Council of Nicaea.

343 AD

St. Nicholas Died

The manner of St. Nicholas' death is still not known. At that time, he was 72 years old.


His Remains Were Stolen

St. Nicholas was buried in Myra in the year 1087, from where his remains were stolen away by some Italian sailors to Bari, Italy.


Candy Canes Were Distributed

By this year, the new tradition of distributing candy canes to children on St. Nicholas Feast Day was started by the French nuns.

Traditions And Customs

On this special day, small gifts are exchanged between family members. Children get to eat their favorite candy cane. Especially in the regions of Belgium and the Netherlands, every year on this day, a man dresses as St. Nicholas, rides down the streets on a white horse or donkey, and distributes gifts. The celebration of St. Nicholas, in fact, gave birth to the concept of modern-day Santa Claus and the tradition of gift-giving on Christmas.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

On St. Nicholas Day, people hang their shoes or socks outside their homes. Children receive small toys, and gifts are exchanged between families. It is a day of merriment for all, as families hold small get-togethers at their homes and have a gala time together.

Facts And Stats

St. Nicholas, also known as Father Christmas, is actually the modern-day Santa Claus, he was a generous soul, which is why this day is celebrated!

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6, every year.

The tradition of hanging socks or shoes on Christmas can be traced back to this particular day.

FAQs About St. Nicholas Day

Why do they celebrate St. Nicholas Day?

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in honor of the great saint, Nicholas, who is known for his kindness.

Who encouraged the celebration of St. Nicholas Day?

This particular day was first celebrated in the early 1200s by Catholics in France.

What are some events related to St. Nicholas Day?

Other special holidays celebrated in December include Christmas, and St. Lucia Day, among many others.

What is the motto of St. Nicholas Day?

'May the Night of Saint Nicholas help you' is the motto of St. Nicholas Day.

Who invented the concept of St. Nicholas Day?

It is believed that the Catholics in France were the first ones who started the tradition of St. Nicholas Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 06, 2020 Sunday
December 06, 2021 Monday
December 06, 2022 Tuesday
December 06, 2023 Wednesday
December 06, 2024 Friday

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