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Stupid Guy Thing Day

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Where is Stupid Guy Thing Day celebrated? 

This holiday is celebrated across the USA.

Who is Stupid Guy Thing Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by guys and girls across the United States.

When did Stupid Guy Thing Day first start?

The origins of this day are unknown; however, it is celebrated on June 22 every year.

Who started Stupid Guy Thing Day?

Thomas and Ruth Roy are the creators of this day.

Guys are known for doing more stupid things than women.

History And Timeline

This holiday was originated by Thomas and Ruth Roy just as a way to promote their herbal remedies. They are responsible for creating this holiday and almost 80 other holidays as promotional ventures for their business ideas.

Many people seem to believe that the idea behind this holiday is mean-spirited and can turn ugly; however, the goal is to enjoy yourself with friends and appreciate the guys around you.

c. 371 - c. 287 BC

The Stupid Man

'The Stupid Man,' a character study of Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, defined stupid as 'mental slowness in speech or action.'


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The words 'stupid' and 'stupidity' became a part of the English language.


History Of Stupidity

Walter B. Pitkin wrote a book called 'A Short Introduction to the History of Stupidity.'


Stupidity, The Movie

Albert Nerenberg directed a movie called 'Stupidity.'


Publication Of Stupid Guy Goes To India

Yukichi Yamamatsu, a Japanese artist, wrote a book called 'Stupid Guy Goes to India.'

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific customs or traditions related to this holiday. You can create your own traditions by appreciating the guys around you.

Ways To Celebrate Stupid Guy Thing Day

The creators intended people to celebrate this day by making a list of stupid things guys can do and passing it along among friends and family.

Now, it does seem like a day women will enjoy more; however, this day was created for every gender to sit back, relax and have some fun.

Guys are known for doing stupid things, and it doesn't matter who they are around. They usually have more ego and do not ask for help when they need it, they like doing things their way, and it doesn't matter who is affected by it. And well, the most annoying thing for women around the world, they do not put the toilet seat down. And yes, these are some things that can make the women annoyed and irritated, but there are so many other stupid things guys do that definitely brings smiles to our faces. So ladies, spend the day with your guy friends and tell them how much they are appreciated.

Facts And Stats

  • Many radio shows celebrate this day.
  • Many women share what stupid things their boyfriends or guy friends have done in the past.
  • This day is celebrated by Wellcat Holidays, created by Ruth and Tom Roy.

FAQs About Stupid Guy Thing Day

What is the significance of Stupid Guy Thing Day?

This day was created to commemorate the funny and silly things men do and for women to appreciate them no matter what.

How is Stupid Guy Thing Day different from women's day in South Africa?

Women's day is observed to celebrate the women of society and everything they have achieved; Stupid Guy Thing Day appreciates guys and their ability to make people laugh.

What is the history & origin of Stupid Guy Thing Day?

The origin of this holiday is unknown; however, it was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy and is celebrated on June 22 annually.

What is unique about Stupid Guy Thing Day?

This is one of the holidays that allow you to appreciate all the men or guys in your life.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

If taken the wrong way, this day can become mean. Many men think this day was created to make fun of them, but the goal is different: to appreciate guys and the stupid things they do to make us laugh.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 22, 2020 Monday
June 22, 2021 Tuesday
June 22, 2022 Wednesday
June 22, 2023 Thursday
June 22, 2024 Saturday

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