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The Double Ninth Festival

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Where is The Double Ninth Festival celebrated?  

 The Chongyang Festival is a day that's celebrated in all of China. It's a day you'll want to go all out on with your family and friends who are important to you and fill that day with love.

Who is The Double Ninth Festival celebrated by?

 Chinese people worldwide celebrate this festival with much galore and fun.

When did The Double Ninth Festival first start?

Seemingly originating from the period when China was first divided into competing states and grew to be a major power, its history dates back as early as 475 BC in ancient times.

Who started The Double Ninth Festival?

 The Chongyang Festival has reportedly become a part of the official list of folk festivals amidst the Tang dynasty (619–906 AD).

Know about the history of the Chongyang Festival.

History And Timeline

According to legend, a demon plagued the Ruhe river from 25–220 AD. People would get sick and even die as long as they were in the river. Huan Jing decided to travel to Zhongnan Mountain. He learned the magic which was needed to defeat the plague demon. Once there, he was given a chrysanthemum wine, magic sword, and zhu yu plant and learned that when it arrived on the ninth day of the ninth month in the lunar year, he must be defeated before he could have peace.

Huan Jing decided to go back to the village and asked all the villagers to climb a mountain and take shelter, stressing that he had brought them enough zhu yu and chrysanthemum wine to protect them from any other harm. Once the devil emerged from the river, it felt dizzy and drowsy, which allowed Huan Jing to finish it off.

According to records from the ancient book 'Yi Jing' (also known as 'The Book Of Changes'), the ninth day of any given month is ruled by Yang energy in Mandarin. 'Chong' means double, so Chongyang refers to the ninth day of a lunar calendar month. Chongyang is important because it's a celebration for those who want to make something happen and realize that wishing alone doesn't make things come true.

475-221 BC

Origin Of Day

The Double Ninth Festival was founded in 475-221 BC during the Warring States period.

202 BC-220 AD

Han Dynasty

During the era of the Han Dynasty, this celebration started to become popular.

618-907 AD

Official Holiday

It was regarded as an official carnival during the period of the Tang Dynasty.


Highest Chrysanthemum

B. Lavery of Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom grew a large Chrysanthemum of a height of 14 ft 3 in (4.34 m).


Senior's Day

The Double Ninth Festival has changed over the years and is now mostly celebrated as Senior Citizens' Day. 

Traditions And Customs

Hiking is a celebration tradition, which is considered a healthy recreational activity. The best hikes can be incredibly entertaining for family or friends.

Eating Chongyang cake, which ideally is nine stacked and made like a tower, the cake highlights various aspects of this festival. They are regarded as lucky and made of rice flour and sugar.

Drinking chrysanthemum wine or tea is one of the main traditions of this festival, with the chrysanthemum flowers being in full bloom.

The tradition of wearing zhu yu (Cornelian cherry) during the celebration is thought to have originated in Tang Dynasty China. People believe that it keeps them safe from evil forces and disasters that might befall them.

It is also considered a Senior's Day, and people visit their elders and pay their respects.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate The Double Ninth Festival

Follow all the traditions of this festival, drink chrysanthemum wine, eat the nine-layer cake, and celebrate with your whole family. How about climbing mountains to mark the Chongyang Festival?

Facts And Stats

  • In 1966, Taiwan redirected this day towards celebrating Senior Citizens Day.
  • Drinking chrysanthemum wine is the most followed tradition of the Chongyang Festival. However, this is only followed by adults.
  • The Chongyang cake eaten at the Double Ninth Festival dates back to the Zhou Dynasty.

FAQs About The Double Ninth Festival

Why is the Double Ninth Festival celebrated?

It is celebrated to honor a legend of the Jin dynasty.

When did the Double Ninth Festival originate?

It is believed to have originated by the ancient people of the Tang dynasty.

What do Chinese people drink to celebrate Double Ninth Festival?

People prefer drinking chrysanthemum wine or chrysanthemum tea to celebrate.

What are some events related to the Double Ninth Festival?

Hiking events, eating or making Chongyang cake competitions, wine drinking are some of the events arranged on this day.

What is the importance of celebrating the Double Ninth Festival?

This celebration is an excellent time for families to get together and have fun.

How do families celebrate the Double Ninth Festival?

This festival is for families to visit the elderly to pay their respects, as well as a time for people to climb mountains, eat Chongyang cakes, and drink chrysanthemum tea.

What are the limitations in celebrating the Double Ninth Festival?

There are no specific limitations related to this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 25, 2020 Sunday
October 25, 2021 Monday
October 25, 2022 Tuesday
October 25, 2023 Wednesday
October 25, 2024 Friday

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