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The Russia Day

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Where is Russia Day celebrated?  

The Russian Federation celebrates Russia Day as a national holiday.

Who is Russia Day celebrated by?

Russian citizens celebrate this important day in Russian history. It is not observed by everyone, as it brings back some bitter memories during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

When did Russia Day first start?

Russia Day was started initially in 1992 and it is celebrated annually on June 12. But the date may vary; if it falls on a weekend, it is celebrated on the following Monday.

Who started Russia Day?

The Supreme Soviet of Russia proclaimed Russia Day as a national holiday.

History And Timeline

On June 12, 1992, Russia Day was first celebrated to commemorate the adoption of RSFSR; the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, on June 12, 1990. The name of the holiday has changed twice since 1991. Originally it was called Independence Day, but it was not a national holiday. Even though Russia Day did not have such a name in official documents, some think that this day is Russia's Independence Day. It was officially renamed Russia Day on February 1, 2002.


Russian Revolution

The Bolsheviks took power and became the Communist Party.


The Great Purge

During Joseph Stalin's rule, 20 million people were killed to suppress opposition.


World War II

The Russian army's victory at the Battle of Stalingrad was a major factor in ending the war.


The Cold War

An iron curtain descended across the continent, as the Cold War grew.


Reforms Introduced

Gorbachev introduced 'Perestroika' and 'Glasnost' to end the Cold War.

Traditions And Customs

The declaration of the State Sovereignty of the Soviet Union by the first Congress was the beginning of constitutional reforms in Russia. Firework displays and concerts mark this important day in many cities. Russian scientists, eminent writers, and humanitarian workers are acknowledged with state awards.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Russia Day

Display your patriotism with pride by waving the Russian flag and marching to the tune of the national anthem.

Appreciate the unique culture by wearing the traditional folk dress, drinking tea, devouring Russian soup, and dancing to the village songs.

Go outdoors, whether in the city or the countryside, no one spends Russia Day indoors.

Facts And Stats

  • If June 12 falls on the weekend, the public holiday is automatically shifted to the following Monday. If the holiday is a Tuesday or Thursday, then Monday or Friday is declared an additional national holiday.
  • Not all Russians celebrate Russia Day, as it reminds them of bitter memories. There was severe unemployment and poverty after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • Russia Day is celebrated similarly to Victory Day with events taking place in most of the main streets, gardens, and parks.
  • On Russia Day, all of Moscow's capital city buildings have to fly the Russian flag by law.

FAQs About The Russia Day

What happens on Russia Day?

On Russia Day, there are celebrations with fireworks displays, flag hoisting, speeches by prominent leaders and the President, parades, singing of the national anthem and patriotic songs, cultural programs, and other entertainment. State awards are also given to prominent citizens of the Russian Federation.

What is the most important day in Russia?

Victory Day is considered the most important day in Russia, which ended the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

Is Russia Day a public holiday?

It is a public holiday in Russia. Russia Day is an official holiday for schools, businesses, public offices, and the general public.

Who encouraged the celebration of Russia Day?

Boris Yeltsin encouraged the national holiday and renamed it as 'Day of Adopting the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation'.

What are some essential things we need to keep in mind while celebrating Russia Day?

Public transport schedules may be changed due to events in different cities. One must remember that on this day, you might find roads blocked due to celebration. Hence, plan the day accordingly.

How do families celebrate Russia Day?

Families celebrate the national holiday by attending fireworks displays and cultural programs, including concerts in various parts of the country.

What do national authorities say about Russia Day?

National authorities remind people about Sovereignty, equality before the law, judicial powers, and federalism which is stated in the declaration of State Sovereignty.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 12, 2020 Friday
June 14, 2021 Monday
June 13, 2022 Monday
June 12, 2023 Monday
June 12, 2024 Wednesday

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