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Tug Of War Day

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Where is Tug of War Day celebrated?

Tug of War Day is celebrated all over the world.

Who is Tug of War Day celebrated by?

Kids, youngsters, and especially people who have a keen interest in sports, celebrate Tug of War Day.

When did Tug of War Day first start?

It is not known when the Tug of War Day actually started.

Who started the Tug of War Day?

It is not clear who started Tug of War Day, but this festival is celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm by people who enjoy sports.

Great Britain has won the most medals in the tug of war events at Olympic games.

History And Timeline

The ancient history of this sport goes back to the times of ancient Egypt. Ancient drawings of this competitive sport have been found in various regions of Egypt. Here are some of the most important aspects related to the history of this day.


Entertaining Sport

In French Chateau Gardens, people were very fond of this game as they found it entertaining.


Sails Of A Ship

For adjusting a ship's sails, seamen and the crew had to tug on ropes.


Played In The Olympics

The game was played in the Olympics.


No Longer In The Olympics

It created a lot of controversy, and as a result, this game was removed from the Olympics.

20th century

Tug Of War Day

Tug of War Day started being celebrated across the world.

Traditions And Customs

Different competitive events are organized across the world to celebrate Tug of War Day. While this sport is no longer a part of the Olympics, it is still enjoyed by players across the world. Aside from formal competitions, ‘pulls' feature at many fairs and festivals.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Tug of War Day

You can attend events where people play tug of war and cheer for your favorite team. You can view sporting events from famous tug-of-war battles. You can also enjoy tugging with your friends, siblings, and family.

Facts And Stats

  • This day is observed all around the world, and worldwide tournaments are sponsored by both national and international federations.
  • There is no specific date for when this day was first introduced, but ancient historical drawings show that it has been played for thousands of years.
  • Tug of War Day is not an official holiday in any country.

FAQs About Tug Of War Day

What does the term 'tug of war' mean?

The term 'tug of war' refers to a contest during which two groups pull against one another at opposite ends of a rope to pull the center of the rope over a mark on the bottom.

What does tug of war do to your body?

This game needs physical strength along with mental strength. It needs the muscles to work efficiently. It helps in burning calories and making leg muscles fit and strong.

Is tug of war bad?

Playing tug of war is obviously recommended due to its benefits for health and fitness. The use of faulty equipment, mainly rope, or in the wrong manner can lead to both minor and major injuries.

What do people say about Tug of War Day?

People believe that Tug Of War Day is fun. Tug of war is a non-athletic sport that encourages ancient values of honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship.

Why are some people excited about Tug Of War Day?

This game is exciting because you can play it with a kid, a 20-something person, or an older person who seems interested in the sport.

Who encouraged the celebration of Tug Of War Day?

Yoshihiro Shimadzu introduced this sport of tug of war in order to encourage the soldiers before the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 19, 2020 Wednesday
February 19, 2021 Friday
February 19, 2022 Saturday
February 19, 2023 Sunday
February 19, 2024 Monday

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