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Vesuvius Day

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Where is Vesuvius Day celebrated?

It is a worldwide event but is observed with full enthusiasm in Italy.

Who is Vesuvius Day celebrated by?

All those interested in Mount Vesuvius's history usually observe this day. Mount Vesuvius has an elevation of 4200 ft (1280 m).

When did Vesuvius Day first start?

Vesuvius Day was started by its founder Pliny the Younger, on August 24, 79 AD.

Who started Vesuvius Day?

Pliny the Younger, Roman author, was the initiator of Vesuvius Day in 79 AD. 

The Italian government turned Mount Vesuvius and its environs into a national park in 1995.

History And Timeline

A volcanic eruption is not a good instance for the people who live close to the volcano. But it also benefits the natural cycle of life on the planet. A volcanic eruption keeps the soil fertile by adding nutrients essential for the growth of flora.

Let us go through some of the deadliest instances of volcanic activity in human history.

79 AD

Eruption Destroyed Cities

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius caused the destruction of Pompeii and other cities.


Mount Tambora Devastated Indonesia

The eruption of Mount Tambora took the lives of almost 1 million people.


Tsunamis Produced Due To Eruptions

Tsunamis produced during Mount Krakatoa's eruption killed around 35,000 in Indonesia.


Worst Eruption Of 20th Century

In the Caribbean island of Martinique, Mount Pelee wiped away over 30,000 lives.


Volcanic Ash Submerged Town

Mount Ruiz in Columbia erupted two times in 1985 and swept away a town having over 25,000 residents.

Traditions And Customs

Although there are no hard and fast traditions and customs linked to this day, people from various parts of Italy and abroad visit the historical remains of Pompeii and other settlements on this day. Others make their way to Mount Vesuvius National Park to enjoy the beauty of this majestic volcano.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Vesuvius Day

You can indulge in a day of deep learning on this day. You may decide to watch a documentary on Mount Vesuvius and know all about its history. You may also put on your science cap and make your miniature version of Mount Vesuvius at home.

Facts And Stats

  • The city of Naples, close to Mount Vesuvius, is home to over 3 million people. Read more such facts related to Mount Vesuvius on this day.
  • All those who seek adventure could observe Vesuvius Day by visiting the site of ancient Pompeii.
  • An interesting fact to know on this day is that during its eruption in 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius had shot up ash up to the height of around 21 mi (33.7 km).

FAQs About Vesuvius Day

What happened when Vesuvius erupted?

When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, the hot ash and molten rock that came out in gigantic amounts from the volcano buried the city of Pompeii and other settlements that lay close to the mountain. The death toll stood at around 20,000 people.

What does Vesuvius mean?

Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano in Italy. Its Italian name is Monte Vesuvio, and it is one of the most famous volcanoes on the planet. It is widely known for its eruption in 79 AD that buried Pompeii and other settlements.

What is the importance of observing Vesuvius Day?

Observing Vesuvius Day on August 24 reminds us that there is no force greater than nature and that we must protect the natural heritage of our planet.

What are some of the essential things we need to keep in mind while observing Vesuvius Day?

Since Vesuvius Day is observed on the day when many people died as a result of the eruption in 79 AD, we should observe this day with respect for the dead. This is a perfect day to learn about Mount Vesuvius and the history of Pompeii.

Who invented the concept of Vesuvius Day?

The concept of Vesuvius Day was invented by the Roman author Pliny the Younger.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 24, 2020 Monday
August 24, 2021 Tuesday
August 24, 2022 Wednesday
August 24, 2023 Thursday
August 24, 2024 Saturday

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