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Walk To Work Day

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Where is Walk To Work Day celebrated? 

 Walk To Work Day is celebrated in the US.

Who is Walk To Work Day celebrated by?

 Walk To Work Day is celebrated by the people of the US.

When did Walk To Work Day first start?

 Walk To Work Day started in 2004.

Who started Walk To Work Day?

 The US Department of Health started celebrating Walk To Work Day.

Avoid taking the bus on the Walk To Work Day.

History And Timeline

Walk To Work Day started in 2004. Learn about the history of one of the healthiest holidays before celebrating the next Walk To Work Day.



Celebrity Walk Day

The Aussie celebrity Herb Elliott led a celebrity walk on Sydney Bridge.


Australian Prime Minister Emphasizes Walking

Aussie Prime Minister John Howard promoted the benefits of walking on media among the general public.


First Walk To Work Day

The US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson declared the first American Walk To Work Day.


Harvard's Research On Walking

Harvard Medical School discovered that walking nine miles a day can prevent certain diseases.


10 Year Anniversary

The popularity of the day is still growing.


Traditions And Customs

Traditionally, this day was started to draw attention to the need to go out on a fun walk once in a while amidst the growing sedentary life of most people.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Walk To Work Day

Celebrate this day by walking to the office, or if you can't walk to your work, make sure to take a stroll at lunchtime with your friends. Those who live far from their workplace can walk to the nearby bus stop in the city.

Facts And Stats

  • National Walk To Work Day is different from Walk To Work Day. National Walk To Work Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in April.
  • Australia also has a Walk To Work Day. In Australia, Walk To Work Day is observed on the first Friday of October.
  • This year, this special day will be held during April 1, which is also April Fool's Day!

FAQs About Walk To Work Day

How good is walking for you?

Walking is the best physical exercise for the human body. It increases the fitness of the heart and lungs and helps in the management of conditions such as hypertension, joint pain, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Is it good to walk to work?

A simple walk to the office and back can strengthen your heart health and keep you healthy. From conditions like blood pressure and diabetes to coronary heart disease, everything can be kept in check by walking.

What is the aim of Walk To Work Day?

The aim of the Walk To Work Day is to encourage people to walk more, especially the office goers who are stuck in a cubicle for their daily 9 to 5 job.

What day is Walk To Work Day?

Walk To Work Day is exclusively observed on a Friday.

When is Walk To Work Day?

Every year, the first Friday of April is celebrated as Walk To Work Day in the United States.

What is the importance of celebrating Walk To Work Day?

Most people rush to the office in the morning most days. On the contrary, Walk To Work Day is an effort to promote a slower start to the day and lead the day with a steady walk.

Why do most employees like Walk To Work Day?

Walk To Work Day does not only have physical health-related benefits, but it also stimulates the emotional health of you and your colleagues.

What are some events similar to Walk To Work Day?

There are some similar fun holidays like Cycle To Work Day and Bike To Work Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 03, 2020 Friday
April 02, 2021 Friday
April 01, 2022 Friday
April 07, 2023 Friday
April 05, 2024 Friday

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