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We Love Memoirs Day

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Where is We Love Memoirs Day celebrated?

Since We Love Memoirs Day was created by two American authors, it is primarily celebrated in the American memoir reading community.

Who is We Love Memoirs Day celebrated by?

We Love Memoirs Day is celebrated by memoir authors and those who love reading or writing this genre of books. Furthermore, all book lovers join in to celebrate this day.

When did We Love Memoirs Day first start? 

Memoirs have been around for quite some time. However, We Love Memoirs Day is a relatively new event that started in 2013.

Who started We Love Memoirs Day?

We Love Memoirs Day was started by two notable memoir authors, Alan Parks and Victoria Twead. Alan Parks has authored the famous 'Seriously Mum' series, whereas Twead has written the 'Old Fools' series. These two authors started a group on Facebook dedicated to memoir authors and memoir readers, which ultimately culminated into this day.

Memoirs have a wide audience.

History And Timeline

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58-49 BC

Publication Of 'Commentaries On The Gallic Wars'

Julius Ceaser wrote this memoir detailing the Gallic Wars.


Publication Of 'Walden'

Henry David Thoreau wrote his memoir 'Walden,' which incorporated scientific observations and poetic metaphors.


Publication Of 'The Diary Of A Young Girl'

One of the most famous memoirs written by Anne Frank describing her life while hiding from Nazi forces was published.

Early 2000s

Rising Popularity Of Memoirs

With the onset of self-publishing books, memoirs became even more popular and widely celebrated.


Establishment Of We Love Memoirs Day

The creation of a Facebook group dedicated to memoirs by the two famous figures, Alan Parks and Victoria Twead, led to the creation of this day.

Traditions And Customs

Traditionally, this day is used by readers to discuss their favorite memoirs and perhaps even re-read them. Many people also join any memoir group on social media on this day.

Ways To Celebrate We Love Memoirs Day

You can celebrate this day by writing down your own important memories to make your own memoir. You can also join any memoir writing group on this day, as that can help you create your memoir.

Facts And Stats

  • On this day, you can re-read your favorite memoir or host a party where you and your friends discuss interesting memoirs and well-known memoir authors.
  • National Eat Outside Day falls on the same day as We Love Memoirs Day. So you can enjoy both these days!
  • We Love Memoirs Day, started by Alan Parks and Victoria Twead, is observed every year on August 31 and is dedicated to readers and writers of memoirs. 

FAQs About We Love Memoirs Day

What is the significance of We Love Memoirs Day?

We Love Memoirs Day is quite significant as it celebrates memoirs and those who like to read or write this kind of book. This day is also dedicated to those who want to start learning the art of writing a memoir. 

How is We Love Memoirs Day different from Biographers Day?

Celebrated on May 16, Biographers Day is observed to pay homage to biographers and their work to enrich literature. On the other hand, We Love Memoirs Day is dedicated to readers and authors of memoirs.

What is special about We Love Memoirs Day?

This day is quite special as it is the perfect opportunity for anyone to re-read their favorite memoir or for new readers to explore someone's life through their memoirs. 

What is the history & origin of We Love Memoirs Day?

We Love Memoirs Day was created by Alan Parks and Victoria Twead in 2013. Initially, these two authors created a group on Facebook dedicated to the art of memoirs, which led to this becoming a day of celebration of memoirs. 

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

This day is quite exciting for readers and even authors as they get to revisit their favorite memoirs. Many people also take up memoir-writing on this day. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 30, 2020 Sunday
August 30, 2021 Monday
August 30, 2022 Tuesday
August 30, 2023 Wednesday
August 30, 2024 Friday

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