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Wear A Hat Day

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Where is Wear A Hat Day celebrated? 

This day is celebrated in the United Kingdom.   

Who is Wear A Hat Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by healthcare institutions, people in cancer service, individuals with past and present tumor conditions, and friends and families of those who had witnessed the ferocious battle.

When did Wear A Hat Day first start?

This day was first celebrated in 2010.

Who started Wear A Hat Day?

It is not sure as to who started this day.

One person in England is detected with a brain tumor every two hours.

History And Timeline

Here is a list of events that worked their way to the development of this day.


First Brain Tumor Surgery Was Done.

This was the first time surgery successfully removed a tumor from a young woman.


Popularity Of CT Scan Rose.

CT scan has become popular, and now it gets easy to see and spot brain tumors clearly.


Wear A Hat Day Was Announced.

This day is decided to be celebrated on March 26 every year to raise funds for brain tumor research.


Brain Tumor Research.

In the 2000s, thanks to raised awareness and support, the exploration of immunotherapy and Retroviral replicating vectors has improved survival rates in brain tumor patients.


Non-invasive Detection.

Research has progressed so much that in 2019, there is research conducted on the non-invasive identification of brain tumors in the blood. The study is work-in-progress.

Traditions And Customs

This day is celebrated to support charities and event gatherings that raise funds for brain tumor research.

It is a custom to put on hats the whole day on this day. You can see people in healthcare services and cancer foundations wearing hats to observe the day.

Some families also put on hats in the memory of their loved ones who have passed away due to brain tumors.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Wear A Hat Day

You can observe this day by participating in fundraising activities or organizing an event.

You can also find charities that collect donations for tumor research and contribute to it. Even in the smallest figures, donations make a big difference to charities that are raising funds. You can also offer your service to an organization dedicated to brain tumors.

A hat can be worn on this day as a symbol of a brain tumor. You can also take part in different campaigns designed to support cancer research. Talk to your children and help them understand the importance of such donations and volunteering activities.

Facts And Stats

  • One person is detected with a brain tumor in England every two hours. This day helps to raise awareness about a brain tumor.
  • In children, brain tumors are a leading cause of death. This national day provides hope to those diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • Many fun events are organized in schools and colleges to make the youth aware on this day.

FAQs About Wear A Hat Day

Who started Wear A Hat Day?

The answer to this question is not very clear.

When is Wear A Hat Day?

This day is celebrated on March 26 of every year.

What is the significance of Wear A Hat Day?

This day is a day to raise awareness about brain tumors and aid fundraising charities that collect money to fund research on this condition. This is one of the most important brain cancer-related days in the UK.

How do people celebrate Wear A Hat Day?

People celebrate this day the fun way by wearing different types of hats. They also fundraise to help research organizations conduct research in tumor treatment.

Why do people celebrate Wear A Hat Day?

People celebrate this day in the memory of those who have passed away due to brain tumors and support fundraising activities. This day is to raise awareness about the need for investigations about brain cancer, which lacks serious funds in the UK right now.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 26, 2020 Thursday
March 26, 2021 Friday
March 26, 2022 Saturday
March 26, 2023 Sunday
March 26, 2024 Tuesday

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