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Western Monarch Day

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Where is Western Monarch Day celebrated?

Western Monarch Day is celebrated mainly in California but also in other parts of America.

Who is Western Monarch Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by everyone in the United States.

When did Western Monarch Day first start?

The history of this day is unclear.

Who started Western Monarch Day?

We don't know the person who started this day. The celebration was made official by the California State Legislature in 2004.

Adult butterflies are able to survive for a few weeks.

History And Timelines

The history of Western Monarch Day is unknown. However, you can go through some of the fascinating historical events related to the finding and breeding of the monarch butterfly.


First Mapping Of The Migration Route

A Canadian zoologist, Fred Urquhart, who, after graduating from the University of Toronto, successfully mapped the route of migration of the monarch butterfly.


First Observance In America

Thousands of monarch butterflies were observed in parts of North America.


Discovery Of Migration Sites

The migration sites of this butterfly were discovered around this time.


First Publication Of Migration Route

Urquhart, along with other ecologists, collaborated to publish the details of the major overwintering sites of this butterfly.


Western Monarch Day

The California State Legislature first established this day in 2004.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, many people actually gather at the Central Coast of California, where clusters of monarch butterflies hover on flowering plants. People gaze at their beauty and take pictures to post on social media. Several conservation groups come forward to sow the seeds of more milkweed plants and take other steps to save their numbers. There are a number of programs, like the National Wildlife Federation, that urge everyone to participate in restoring monarch habitats.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Western Monarch Day

You can celebrate this day by planting seeds of nectar plants in your garden in order to attract the monarchs. This way, you will be able to really cherish the exquisite beauty of this butterfly species. You can also count their numbers when they sit on leaves to lay eggs.

Helping out various conservation groups to protect the monarch butterfly is indeed a great way to observe this day. Create awareness about the monarch's alarming fall in population by making posters or simply educating the public through various social media platforms.

Facts And Stats

  • On Western Monarch Day, a large number of seeds of milkweed plants are sowed in Pismo Beach, which contains the largest butterfly colony in America.
  • Western Monarch Day gives us the chance to appreciate nature around us and reminds us to protect it.
  • Apart from Western Monarch Day, February 5 is also celebrated as National Chocolate Fondue Day, National Weatherpersons' Day, and World Nutella Day.

FAQs About Western Monarch Day

What is a western monarch?

Western monarchs are butterflies that have orange, brown, and black colors that keep them away from predators. These are generally toxic to birds and have a life cycle of eight months. Monarchs travel long distances during their migration period.

What is the significance of Western Monarch Day?

Western Monarch Day celebrates the return of these butterflies to the central coast of California. It also celebrates the successful survival of these highly endangered species.

What is the difference between western and eastern monarchs?

The eastern monarchs fly from the US-Canadian border to central Mexico, while the western monarch populations migrate to the Pacific coast in winter. There are no genetic differences found between these two butterflies.

Why does a monarch butterfly fly south?

Just like most other migrating organisms, western monarch butterflies migrate to the south to escape the harsh winters of the United States and thrive in the warmth of the southern countries.

How many western monarchs are there?

In the year 2019, only about 30,000 western monarch butterflies were recorded in the U.S. Researchers claim that every year the monarch population is dropping at a drastic rate due to climate changes and human activities.

How does this day protect western monarchs?

Celebrating this day instills in us the need to protect this endangered species of butterflies. Numerous conservation groups come forth every year to save these monarchs by organizing several events, like sowing the seeds of nectar plants in order to feed them.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 04, 2020 Tuesday
February 04, 2021 Thursday
February 04, 2022 Friday
February 04, 2023 Saturday
February 04, 2024 Sunday

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