White Chocolate Day
September 21, 2022

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White Chocolate Day is the time to try white bars, white candies, and white desserts prepared from milk solids.


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White Chocolate Day is the time to celebrate traditional chocolate manufacturers around the world along with prominent milk chocolate brands.

Americans have an unrequited love for white chocolate, although most people would concur with the belief that white chocolate is not technically chocolate. It was proven otherwise when the FDA added this amazing food to the list of chocolates. 

Did you know? White chocolate was officially added to its list by the FDA in 2004. White chocolate is not really chocolate, since it does not contain cocoa powder. In order to make white chocolate stick together, a substance called lecithin is added. 

Where is White Chocolate Day celebrated?

This year, White Chocolate Day was celebrated on Wednesday, September 22. This awesome day of celebration is observed in the United States of America. 

Who is the White Chocolate Day celebrated by? 

White Chocolate Day is celebrated by amazing families, kids, friends, and acquaintances all over the United States of America.

When did White Chocolate Day first start?

The origin of White Chocolate Day is not known.

Who started White Chocolate Day?

Although the founders of this awesome day are not really known, one can easily venture an opinion on why such a day was ever created. The people who established the day must definitely have been huge fans of white chocolate.

There are no cocoa solids or bean used for making white candy or ganache.

History and Timeline

Here are some of the important events that define the history of White Chocolate Day:


White Chocolate Bar Invention

The white chocolate bar was first made by a company called Nestle. You might have, of course, heard about the milky bar. It is white chocolate!


A New Version

A new version of a white chocolate bar was created in the UK.


Alpine White Bar

Another Nestle product, the Alpine White Bar, was introduced in the US. This also happened to be the first white chocolate product to have almonds.


Addition To Chocolate Definitions

FDA added white chocolate to their list of chocolate definitions.


White Chocolate Day

White Chocolate Day is celebrated every year across the US on September 22.

Traditions and Customs

People typically, during this day, practice a tradition of adding a bit more white chocolate to basically everything they eat; donuts, biscuits, desserts, pretzels, and spread it on pastries and even with wine. This delicious custom has been in practice since White Chocolate Day was founded.

Ways to Observe or Celebrate White Chocolate Day

White Chocolate Day, just like any other major food holiday, comes only once a year, so why not plan it big and enjoy the day? If you have ever knowingly tasted white chocolate, then you must be aware that it tastes much sweeter than dark chocolate, so if you happen to be one of those sweet-toothed individuals, then you will enjoy this day. 

You can add the melted white chocolate to your hot beverages, especially coffee, so unlike normal days, the coffee would specifically taste sweeter and much better. One can even drizzle a bit of white chocolate on their favorite flavor of pretzels or donuts, which have a salty, sweet, and crunchy taste! You can also choose to make your own recipes and devour the yummy, sweetened white chocolate-themed foods all day long.

Facts and stats

  • Every year on September 22, National White Chocolate Day is observed.
  • Various events are organized by chocolate companies on National White Chocolate Day.
  • The details of the founder of National White Chocolate Day are not yet known.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


September 21, 2020


September 21, 2021


September 21, 2022


September 21, 2023


September 21, 2024


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