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World Arabic Language Day

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Where is World Arabic Language Day celebrated?

UN Arabic Language Day is celebrated in every nook and corner of the world.

Who is World Arabic Language Day celebrated by?

World Arabic Language Day is celebrated by Arabs and other Arabic speakers all around the world to honor this ancient language which is older than several other languages of renaissance Europe.

When did World Arabic Language Day start?

World Arabic Language Day as an event was launched in the year 2012.

Who started World Arabic Language Day?

World Arabic Language Day was started by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Arabic language academies across the world celebrate this international day.

History And Timeline

From the African continent to the Coast of India, the language was extremely valuable in encouraging and facilitating connections between various cultures. History reveals the important role of the Arabic language in the academic field during the Renaissance in Europe which cannot be overstated, and as a result, Arabic became one of the most widely studied languages in the field of science.

Eighth Century B.C.E

Manifestations of Arabic

Arabic as a spoken language first appeared with extremely early symptoms on the north-western Arabian Peninsula several years ago. The early form was known as Classical Arabic.

Eighth Century B.C.E

Arabic in Studies

The Arabic Language was used to propagate old age Greek and Roman sciences, philosophical and scientific understandings to Europe during the Renaissance. Baghdad had become one of the most known centers for astronomy and sciences.

610 AD - 632 AD

Preachings in Quran

Prophet Muhammad preached the Quran in Arabic in a fragmented and progressive manner. According to historical evidence, he recited the passages and the disciples wrote what they heard.

Eighth Century AD

The Prerequisite

Understanding of Classical Arabic had become an extreme requirement for advancement in Arab culture even for non-Muslims.

10th Century AD

Arabic Calligraphy

Reqa' is the style of writing in Islamic Calligraphy. It consists of short and simple strokes and flourishes.

Traditions And Customs

December 18 is designated as World Arabic Language Day to symbolize the importance of the Arabic language, spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide. Since the year 2012, the day has been observed to commemorate the acceptance of Arabic as the United Nations' sixth official language.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Arabic Language Day

World Arabic Language Day can be celebrated in the best way by finding information on the rich history of Arab culture or reading about Islamic culture. You can also take part in different cultural events based on the Islamic world or go through and try to understand the poetic calligraphy made generations ago by eminent personalities.

Interesting Facts And Stats

The date of December 18 for World Arabic Language Day was chosen because on this day the General Assembly established Arabic as an official language of the UN in the year 1973.

World Arabic Language Day was established with the motive of celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity, also to promote the equal application of all of the organization's official languages (a total of six) throughout the organization.

World Arabic Language Day was established by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2012.

FAQs About World Arabic Language Day

Which is Arabic day?

December 18 is Arabic Day.

Who is the father of the Arabic language?

The father of the Arabic Language is said to be Ya'rab because of his contribution to Arabic literature.

Who invented the concept of Arabic Language Day?

The United Nations invented the concept of Arabic Language Day.

How do families celebrate Arabic Language Day?

Families celebrate Arabic Language Day by going through the history of the Arabic language, its origin, its contribution, and its rich culture.

What is the importance of celebrating Arabic Language Day?

The role of the Arabic Language both in the field of science, astronomy, and philosophy has been immense. Arabic has been one of the crucial languages to study the sciences. Arabic is spoken by millions of people all around the world and it has become a cultural bridge in promoting interaction between people of different cultures.

Why are families so excited for Arabic Language Day?

Families are excited for Arabic Language Day considering its significance in the development of communication, sciences, philosophy, and literature as well. Families are enthusiastic to celebrate World Arabic Language Day following age old traditions and customs.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 18, 2020 Friday
December 18, 2021 Saturday
December 18, 2022 Sunday
December 18, 2023 Monday
December 18, 2024 Wednesday

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