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World Autistic Pride Day

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Where is World Autistic Pride Day celebrated?

World Autistic Pride Day is celebrated all over the world.

Who is World Autistic Pride Day celebrated by?

World Autistic Pride Day is celebrated by autistic people and the group Aspies For Freedom. This organization raises awareness about the people suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

When did World Autistic Pride Day first start?

World Autistic Pride Day became official on June 18, 2005 in Brazil by Aspies For Freedom

Who started World  Autistic Pride Day?

World Autistic Pride Day was started by the group Aspies For Freedom.

Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder than girls.

History And Timeline

Autistic Pride Day came into existence on June 18, 2005, in Brazil by Aspies For Freedom (AFF). Autistic Pride Day was dedicated to giving respect to autistic people and to making awareness about autism spectrum disorder. Many organizations arrange events, such as health camps. These events are not organized by organizations or charities, so autistic people arrange events themselves. Autistic people and their families and friends take part in events and share their views. These were annual events, but due to COVID-19, these events shifted to online. The main motive was that autistic people celebrate their neurodiversity and differences.


Autistic Pride Picnic

A fifth annual picnic of autistic pride was organized in London Hyde Park.


Autistic Pride Reading

An event called autistic pride reading was organized by a charity.


Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM)

An Autistic Pride picnic was organized at London Charlton house by Autistic Inclusive Meets.


Eastbourne Asperger Support Group

A virtual event Autistic Pride Eastbourne was organized.


Autistic Pride Alliance

An event by Autistic Pride Alliance was organized virtually for autistic people.

Traditions And Customs

On World Autistic Pride Day the group called Aspies For Freedom organizes events for autistic people and their families, parents also take part and play, enjoy, and share their stories and give speeches.

Ways To Celebrate World Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride Day is represented by a symbol called 'rainbow infinity symbol' which says that there are infinite possibilities in autistic life. They have their flag which is called the Autistic Pride flag, featuring the symbol of rainbow infinity.

This celebration makes autistic people happy, especially children. Moreover, Autistic Pride Day conveys a message to parents that don't feel ashamed of their children who are facing this disorder. Autistic communities shouldn't feel pity for themselves. We should feel proud of them and let them feel a sense of belonging.

Organizing events for autistic people, parents should include them in daily routine work, treat them equally, and take them shopping.

Facts And Stats

World Autistic Pride Day is an event to promote research into the fair treatment of autistic people.

On World Autistic Pride Day, read the speech given by organizer Joseph Redford at London Autistic Pride 2019.

World Autistic Pride Day 2021 was celebrated as an online event.

FAQs About World Autistic Pride Day

When was World Autistic Pride Day first celebrated?

World Autistic Pride Day became official on June 18, 2005, in Brazil by Aspies For Freedom. This is to raise awareness among people about autism spectrum disorder and treat the autistic community equally without any differences.

Which community first observed World Autistic Pride Day?

The community which first observed World Autistic Pride Day was Aspies For Freedom (AAF) on June 18, 2005. Thereafter, numerous people and organizations joined the celebrations for this day.

Who originally directed World Autistic Pride Day?

Aspies For Freedom (AAF) was the organization that initially started the celebrations of Autistic Pride Day. Ever since the start of Autistic Pride Day, celebrations are organized by all supporters.

What are some advantages of observing World Autistic Pride Day?

Some of the standout benefits of observing Autistic Pride Day are as follows.

It brings public awareness.

This dedicated day to the Autistic community brings happiness to the Autistic person so they can celebrate their neurodiversity.

It promotes treatment for them.

It makes them part of this world without any discrimination.

Who developed the idea of World Autistic Pride Day?

Aspies For Freedom developed the idea of Autistic Pride Day. Ever since then, this day has gained prominence with an increasing number of individuals and groups.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 18, 2020 Thursday
June 18, 2021 Friday
June 18, 2022 Saturday
June 18, 2023 Sunday
June 18, 2024 Tuesday

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