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World Bartender Day

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Where is World Bartender Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated throughout the world.

Who is World Bartender Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by bars, pubs, restaurants that serve beverages, and by those who want to appreciate bartenders.

When did World Bartender Day first start?

Bartending is one of the oldest professions. However, World Bartender Day was established very recently in 2018.

Who started World Bartender Day?

'The Perfect Blend' is a bartender engagement program created by bartenders around the world. Some sources say that World Bartender Day was an initiative by this group.

All bartenders have their own signature recipes.

History And Timeline

When you visit a bar with friends, you expect a certain quality in the beverage you are served. A bartender makes sure you have fun. Here is how bartending became such an important career.

Ancient Era

Making And Selling Of In-House Alcohol

Even during the ancient Roman and Greece Era, you would be able to find innkeepers who made and sold alcohol. This profession was not very widely respected at that time though.


World's First Bartenders

The world's first professional bartenders were in Europe and they acted as innkeepers, making their own beers and spirits and serving them to guests.


The First Bartending Book Was Published

This was the time that an American bartender named Jerry Thomas published the first book on bartending, named 'The Bartender's Guide'.


Alcohol Was Prohibited

The USA passed an alcoholic prohibition act during this period and the production, sale, and purchase of alcoholic beverages was banned. Even then, history says, bartenders were busy and functioning!


Numbers Of Bartenders In The USA Increased

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 486,720 registered bartenders working in the USA as of 2020.

Traditions And Customs

Apart from having to make cocktails, bartenders also have to listen to the patrons complaining, grieving, and talking about life most times!

All bartenders have their own rituals and signature drinks. When you go to a bar, make sure you ask for the bartender special and enjoy it.

Bartenders have to check the age of the patron before offering a drink. Also, it is legally required in many countries that bartenders refuse to offer more to an already drunk person!

Ways To Celebrate World Bartender Day

You can observe this special day by visiting your local bar and giving out small tokens of affection to the bartenders there. You can also visit your local bar, order cocktails of your choice, and leave the bartender with a generous tip.

Did you know that there were very popular bartenders recognized at every point in time? You can learn about them on this special day.

Invite a bartender to your place and have a night cocktail party, inviting friends and family. Make sure you make the barkeeper comfortable and happy.

You can also visit a pub during the afternoons, have a cocktail drink, and engage in a conversation with the barkeeper there. Give them a chance to talk.

Promote the day on social media, celebrating the hard lives of people who make your cocktails and spirits every day.

Facts And Stats

While World Bartender Day is celebrated on February 24, there is a Bartender Appreciation Day which is observed on December 3.

Some sources reveal that this day was started with a cocktail competition called 'The Perfect Blend'. this competition happens in Australia and New Zealand.

An American bartender Jerry Thomas is called the 'father of mixology'. He became very popular for the special mix drinks that he created in his bars in New York City. So, this day is an ode to him.

FAQs About World Bartender Day

Who started World Bartender Day?

This day was started by the Perfect Blend bartender engagement program group.

When is World Bartender Day?

This day is celebrated on February 24 every year.

What is the significance of World Bartender Day?

This day applauds everyone in the bartending industry for their service.

How do people celebrate World Bartender Day?

People observe this day by gifting their favorite bartenders, visiting bars to drink beverages of their choice, and tipping and thanking barkeepers for their work.

Why do people celebrate World Bartender Day?

People celebrate this day for the service and hard work of bartenders who mesmerize their customers by creating the most amazing blend of drinks.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 24, 2020 Monday
February 24, 2021 Wednesday
February 24, 2022 Thursday
February 24, 2023 Friday
February 24, 2024 Saturday

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