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World Chocolate Day

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Where is World Chocolate Day celebrated?

World Chocolate Day is celebrated globally.

Who is World Chocolate Day celebrated by?

All chocolate lovers throughout the world celebrate World Chocolate Day.

When did World Chocolate Day first start?

This day was first celebrated in the year 2009. However, the concept of chocolate came to Europe in 1550.

Who started World Chocolate Day?

We do not know enough about the origins of this day to know exactly which individual or group of chocolate fans started it.

Chocolate tastes great with orange extracts, among other things.

History And Timeline

The origin of this day is unclear. The first observance of this day was recorded on July 7, 2009. However, chocolate has its roots in history about 4000 years ago in Mexico. One of the earliest civilizations, Olmec of Latin America, derived cocoa powder from the cacao plants. The modern chocolate bar was much later discovered by Joseph Fry in 1847.


Rise Of 'Chocolate'

In England, the word 'chocolate' first came to light in print in 1604.


First Chocolate Shipment

The first chocolate was shipped to America by a Spanish vessel around this time.


Launch Of Hershey

The first Hershey's factory was launched by Milton Hershey in Derry, Pennsylvania.


World Premiere

The movie 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory' made people obsessed with the different kinds of chocolate available in the western world.



The first World Chocolate Day celebration took place in 2009 when people across the world observed this day with chocolates of all kinds.

Traditions And Customs

Although there are no particular traditions associated with this day, chocolate lovers throughout the world grab their favorite chocolate bar in the nearby candy stores. Many gourmet restaurants prepare extravagant chocolate delicacies that further attract people.

Popular brands like Hershey and Cadbury come up with lucrative offers on their range of dark chocolate and other cocoa solids. These brands also bring out new and interesting limited chocolate types on this special day. Many cooking channels on the internet share some fantastic recipes of chocolate that include milk powder, cocoa butter, and sugar.

Ways To Celebrate World Chocolate Day

The best way to celebrate this day is by buying and eating loads of chocolates. Be it the classic dark chocolate or the smooth milk chocolate. You can indulge in any sort. Hitting the kitchen to bake your favorite chocolate cake with some icing sugar is another way to celebrate this day. You can also post some chocolaty images on social media and explain the various health benefits of cocoa beans.

Facts And Stats

Did you know that white chocolate is not made of real chocolate? It does not contain any cocoa solids, but you can still eat it to celebrate World Chocolate Day.

The USA amounts to 20% of the world's chocolate consumption (Economic Times, 2018). Since some of the most popular chocolate companies like Hershey call it home, the celebrations of World Chocolate Day are particularly spectacular in the USA.

The USA also has its own National Chocolate Day and many other chocolate holidays like National Bittersweet Chocolate Day, National Chocolate Chip Day, National Chocolate Pudding Day, and many more.

Cacao beans are derived from the fruits of the cacao tree, which are dried, and then fermented to obtain the aromatic flavor. You could learn how to do it as many chocolate-making classes offer discounts if you register on World Chocolate Day.

FAQs About World Chocolate Day

Is July 7 World Chocolate Day?

July 7 is celebrated as World Chocolate Day.

What are some events similar to World Chocolate Day?

On October 28, the US celebrates National Chocolate Day similar to World Chocolate Day. Other chocolaty celebrations include National White Chocolate Day, National Milk Chocolate Day, and National Cocoa Day, also observed in the US.

Who invented the concept of World Chocolate Day?

Although we do not know who first came up with the concept of World Chocolate Day, July 7, 1550, marks the arrival of chocolate in Europe for the first time, and Hershey was the first American company to produce it.

What is the history behind this day?

The detailed history associated with this day is not known yet. It was first observed in the year 2009.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 07, 2020 Tuesday
July 07, 2021 Wednesday
July 07, 2022 Thursday
July 07, 2023 Friday
July 07, 2024 Sunday

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