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World Ego Awareness Day

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Where is World Ego Awareness Day celebrated?

This day is observed globally.

Who is World Ego Awareness Day celebrated by?

This day is observed by people who want to learn about egotistic behavior and professionals who help in its treatment.

When did World Ego Awareness Day first start?

This day was established in 2018.

Who started World Ego Awareness Day?

Ego Awareness Movement, an NGO was responsible for the start of this day.

Reduced ego increases the quality of life

History And Timeline

The first-ever Ego Awareness Day was observed to help people become aware of their mental and emotional health. An egotistic mind can lead to quite a few unhealthy problems like aggression, inferiority complex, abundant stress, little or no empathy, and a sense of superiority.

There is no medicine that can help in curing this issue, it can only be handled by mental health professionals. It is necessary for people suffering from this phenomenon to visit a professional and engage in spiritual and calming activities like yoga. Ego psychology has been widely studied over the years. Let's read what some famous psychologists had to say about ego psychology.


Sigmund Freud's Definition Of Ego

According to Freud, the ego was a sense organ for perception.


Carl Jung's Belief

Carl Jung believed that the ego had the capability to be responsible for a person's feeling of identity and continuity.


Ego According To Anna Freud

Anna Freud described that the ego was connected with the psychosexual development stages of human beings.


David Rapaport And His Thought

Rapaport believed that the ego can explain the entirety of human behavior.

Late '60s

New Ego Psychology

Heinz Kohut created a new model that was related to ego psychology.

Traditions And Customs

There are no particular customs and traditions associated with this day.

Ways To Observe World Ego Awareness Day

Observe this occasion by understanding the ego and the behavior related to it.

Instead of just letting ego destroy the relationships around you, choose this day to check on your mental health, increase your social awareness and understand people who suffer from this phenomenon.

World Ego Awareness Day is devoted to resolving human suffering and the inferiority complex faced by many.

Facts And Stats

  • World Ego Awareness Day is observed on May 11 annually and should be seen as an opportunity to introspect and learn about yourself.
  • An important thing to remember on World Ego Awareness Day is that ego can destroy personal and professional relationships beyond repair.
  • On World Ego Awareness Day try doing Yoga as it is not only a stressbuster but can also help in reducing ego. Reduced ego helps in increasing happiness and success.

FAQs About World Ego Awareness Day

What is the significance of World Ego Awareness Day?

World Ego Awareness Day is a day that helps you realize the importance of mental health and self-help.

How is World Ego Awareness Day different from Be Humble Day?

Be Humble Day stresses the importance of being down to Earth, while World Ego Awareness Day stresses the importance of mental health.

What is the history and origin of World Ego Awareness Day?

This day was first observed in 2018 to help people suffering from egotistic learned behavior and help them face the world in a more humble and positive way.

What is unique about World Ego Awareness Day?

World Ego Awareness Day is a great opportunity for people to talk about their mental and emotional health openly and participate in life coaching.

How does this day affect people psychologically and emotionally?

Ego Awareness Day gives people the chance to introspect and improve their behavior.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 11, 2020 Monday
May 11, 2021 Tuesday
May 11, 2022 Wednesday
May 11, 2023 Thursday
May 11, 2024 Saturday

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