World First Aid Day
September 10, 2022

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Every year since it was first started on the second Saturday of September, World First Aid Day is observed every year.

The percentage of people who feel underconfident or lack the knowledge to perform first aid is shockingly high. There is a need to implement first aid training in schools to address this issue, as many times there are situations when people are in need of first aid and all they receive is a couple of myths.

It is therefore important to try to reach out with authentic facts and figures on first aid rather than share some misleading information. Unlike any specialized treatment, basic first aid training can be completed in three to six hours.

Having a first aid kit has now been made an important part of job safety guidelines.

Where is World First Aid Day observed?

As this is a day observed globally, it is obvious that it will be a part and parcel of most countries' efforts to raise awareness about the first aid that is provided to victims after an accident.

Who is World First Aid Day observed by?

World First Aid Day is basically an initiative to raise awareness about the benefits and needs of first aid. Not only this, but the right way to give first aid to a victim of a road accident, work accident, or any other mishappening. Thus, this day is observed by all the people of most of the countries in which many events are organized for the same.

When did World First Aid Day first start?

The very first time when this day was introduced was in 2000 after which every year this day is observed on the second Saturday in the month of September.

Who started World First Aid Day?

World First Aid Day was first introduced by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies introduced World First Aid Day in 2000

History And Timeline

The history of any event or day helps in understanding all the steps of development that took place to reach the present situation. Thus, under this section, we will be looking at the initial idea, the organization that started this day, and why there was a need to start it, all in a fun bulletin.


The First Realization

It was Henry Dunant, a Geneva merchant, who, for the first time, had the horrid experience of watching the agony and misery that Solferino’s battle brought.


The Help Aid Idea

It was Henry Dunant's idea that he wanted to help aid in providing people with basic medication before they had the time to reach the nearest hospital.


Idea Of An Organization

It was in Henry’s book that he insisted on creating an organization that would be able to provide this basic first aid to all those who are in dire need. This was how the International Committee of the Red Cross, along with Dunant, came to life.


National Public Health Week

The First National Public Health Week was observed in the month of April in the USA.


First World First Aid Day

This year saw the first observation of World First Aid Day, introduced by the international federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Ever since, this day is observed every second Saturday of the month of September.

Traditions And Customs

Every year we come across cases in which the lack of first care and aid led the victims to their death beds. While this is a very extreme scenario, there are records of how, due to a lack of first aid, the victim suffered more damage. So, to help in decreasing these numbers, World First Aid Day came into existence.

Thus, the custom involves training through different events and spreading awareness through webinars, seminars, fun activities, and other interactive stuff where hundreds of organizations come together to provide their best for World First Aid Day.

Ways To Observe World First Aid Day

So, what is the best way to observe World First Aid Day? There can be many ways, like:

Take the pledge to follow the traffic rules. Rash driving and breaking of traffic rules result in more deaths than any other cause.

Make sure that you get yourself equipped with all the pieces of training that you can get your hands on for offering first aid.

Host events to spread awareness about the use and ways to provide first aid during any type of accident.

Donate basic first aid requirements like cotton, antiseptic solution, gauze, and other stuff to people who won't be able to afford them.

Take time to educate and share information with kids about their duties and responsibilities during any sort of medical emergency.

Share some World First Aid Day quotes with others to raise awareness of the issue.

Facts And Stats

  • World First Aid Day on September 10 involves events that raise awareness regarding how a first aid kit can help keep a victim alive that later requires specialized treatment.
  • Every year, there are hundreds of societies that organize an annual campaign on this day to raise awareness regarding the necessity of first aid training for offering medical assistance, medical attention, and medical treatment in crisis situations.
  • The objective of this important day is to increase awareness regarding the importance of having a basic idea about medical treatments that can help in saving lives and alleviating human suffering.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


September 12, 2020


September 11, 2021


September 10, 2022


September 9, 2023


September 14, 2024


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