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Many fish species form an important part of the food chain of free-flowing rivers. World Fish Migration Day is celebrated every two years for creating awareness about the deteriorating river connections and fish stocks. It is an initiative to bring attention back to the need for good river connection, thereby helping the fishes towards a healthier movement and better fish stock. The central message and common theme of World Fish Migration Day is to ensure that various organizations and recreational anglers across the world coordinate for a global celebration of migratory fish species.

Where is World Fish Migration Day celebrated?

World Fish Migration Day is an awareness day celebrated by people all around the globe, but for the first time, this day was celebrated in seven countries, at 25 locations within the North Sea Region.

Who is World Fish Migration Day celebrated by?

Fish migration day is mainly celebrated by international organizations like The Nature Conservatory, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and many more like that.

When did World Fish Migration Day First start?

World Fish Migration Day was first started by the members of the Living North Sea Project on May 14, 2011.

Who started World Fish Migration Day?

The Living North Sea Project team, along with the funding organization European Union, was the initiator of this day.

Healthy rivers ensure happy fish species, thereby improving their life cycles.

History and Timeline

We have read about the initiation of this day, but the credit goes to Herman Wageningen, a dutch conservationist from World Fish Migration Foundation.


Traditions and Customs

To bring the attention of the world towards the need for healthy connectivity between rivers, and seas, this day is celebrated. The basic global celebration events include marches, fun river clean-ups, conferences, webinars, and events that can either help clean up the connections or educate people about how we can achieve them.

Ways to Observe or Celebrate World Fish Migration Day

There are many events that are hosted by different organizations and at different locations all around the globe. The easiest way is to join these events and provide your valuable contribution to this greater cause. Some of the major events that are organized are marches, river cleaning including some fun-ways, conferences, webinars, and even sometimes school organizes special events to help the future generation understand the concept and the need to have healthier river connections.

Facts and Stats

  • Celebrated after every two years in order to gain world attention on the importance of free-flowing rivers and their connectivity for the migration of the fishes.
  • To date, four such events have been organized. While the very first such event is not included under the WFMD.
  • There are many world organizations that contribute to the cause ad hosts events at different locations all around the globe.
  • The maximum number of countries participated in the last celebration with a strength of 66.
  • These events gain a lot of media attention and coverage thereby bringing more and more awareness to the world.

May 14, 2011

The Initial Step

This was the first time when the Living north sea project with the help of the European Union brought attention to the ongoing fish passage problems in the North Sea.

May 24, 2014

World Fish Migration Day

This was the first time that WFMD was organized on a worldwide level. As many as 270 events with about 50,000 people were organized in 53 countries in which about 1000 organizations participated.

May 21, 2016

Second WFMD

On the second WFMD, 'fish can't travel as we do' a slogan came to life. This indicated their disturbed traveling connections and inability to migrate freely.

April 21, 2018

Third WFMD

The third WFMD had the theme 'Connecting Fish, Rivers, and People'. This was to raise awareness on migration blocks and dependent fish communities.

October 24, 2020

Fourth WFMD

This time due to the COVID pandemic, there were some issues in organizing big events yet about 300 events were organized and this time people were able to join them online.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


May 24, 2014


May 21, 2016


April 21, 2018


October 24, 2020


May 21, 2022


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