World Hearing Day
March 3, 2023

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All five human senses are equally crucial for perceiving and interacting with the surrounding environment. Sense of hearing is thus highly significant and requires appropriate care. When proper hearing care is not provided, it can lead to ear diseases and even hearing loss in extreme cases. Hearing impairment can cause many problems, especially in regard to communication with other people. The treatment for hearing loss has significantly advanced; however, the recovery of hearing depends on how early the issue was diagnosed and treated. Therefore, regular checkups for the health of your ear should be done. World Hearing Day spreads awareness about preventative actions against hearing loss and providing proper hearing care. In addition to hearing loss, the day also focuses on other ear diseases and the overall health of the ears. Every year World Health Organization (WHO) decides on a new theme for the celebration. Read on to explore more amazing facts about World Hearing Day.

Where is World Hearing Day observed?  

World Hearing Day is observed all over the world.

Who is World Hearing Day observed by?

People from all over the world observe World Hearing Day; this includes social activists, medical professionals, people with hearing problems, and just about everyone else who cares about the cause.

When did World Hearing Day first start?

World Hearing Day was observed in 2007 for the very first time, although it wasn't called by its current name until 2016.

Who started World Hearing Day?

World Hearing Day was established by World Health Organization (WHO).

Hearing loss is a disability that has to be adequately addressed.

History And Timeline

World Hearing Day is observed to spread awareness about hearing loss and hearing care. Some important dates about the day are as follows.


Invention Of First Hearing Aid

The electric hearing aid was first invented by Miller Reese Hutchison in 1898. Hutchison's design was based on the use of electric currents for the amplification of weak signals.


Popularity Of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids became popular among the general public in the United Kingdom and the United States after the first hearing aid which could be worn was launched in the market.


Invention Of Cochlear Implants

The first cochlear implant was invented and implanted by John Doyle and William House in California in 1961.


Foundation Of World Hearing Day

World Health Organization established World Hearing Day (initially, International Ear Care Day) in 2007 with the goal of raising awareness about hearing loss prevention and hearing care.


Change Of Name

International Ear Care Day was renamed World Hearing Day in 2016 by World Health Organization.

Traditions And Customs

There is always a risk of developing hearing loss and other related ear diseases with the high levels of noise pollution in the current age.

Proper communication is significant when trying to understand or make the other person with hearing loss or other related ear diseases understand the message. One of the traditions of World Hearing Day is to learn the art of proper communication. This could be through learning the same variant of sign language for someone you care about to show your support.

Ways To Observe World Hearing Day

Many events by several associations working on the subject of hearing care and health are held on World Hearing Day to educate the general public on how to hold communication through clear speech with people suffering from deafness or related ear diseases.

These events also focus on the significance of preventative actions and appropriate care of the ears to reduce the risk of going deaf or having other related ear diseases.

You can attend these events as well as try to have clear communication with a person with hearing loss.

Donations can also be made for the treatment of hearing loss and other related ear diseases.

It is also an excellent opportunity to get your ear checked for the appropriate level of hearing and seek the appropriate hearing care. There are some free checkup camps seen on the day.

Facts And Stats

  • Until 2016, World Hearing Day was called International Ear Care Day.
  • On World Hearing Day every year, a different theme is decided by the World Health Organization, which focuses on the broader subject of the day. The theme for 2021 was Hearing Care For ALL! Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate.
  • The 2021 observance was also the launch day for a new World Report on Hearing.
  • World Hearing Day is observed on March 3 annually to raise awareness about hearing loss and hearing care. Also, the international community marks World Wildlife Day on the same day.

FAQs About World Hearing Day

What Is The Importance Of World Hearing Day?
What Is The History And Origin Of World Hearing Day?

When Is This Day Celebrated


March 3, 2020


March 3, 2021


March 3, 2022


March 3, 2023


March 3, 2024


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