World Kebab Day
July 9, 2023

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Kebab is a very popular delicacy which is eaten and indeed loved by most countries.

Kebab is a primary part of Turkish cuisine, but because of its great and unique taste, its popularity has spread all over the globe lately. The juicy taste and great aroma of kebabs have led to its popularity and are now loved everywhere around the world.

Kebab is a dish prepared with meat. Traditionally, for the ground meat, primarily lamb is used. Kebab is cooked on skewers and is sometimes eaten off the same skewers. It is served with different kinds of loaves of bread along with onions and squeezed lemon on top, which indeed plays a great role in enhancing the taste. Shish kebab can also be served with some grilled vegetables and healthy yogurt dips for a healthy twist.

Another variety of kebabs is prepared by mixing finely chopped vegetables with the minced meat before cooking it on the skewer. The taste of these kebabs is really great because it has a mixture of great spices, which play a significant role in bringing its taste to life. You can find kebabs in restaurants that serve Indian, Mughlai, and Turkish cuisines.

Kebabs are famous because they are usually affordable and filling for the general public. The Turks invented kebabs, but India is also very famous for this dish.

Out of all kebabs, the shish kebab is, without a doubt, one of the most popular forms of kebabs served across numerous restaurants around the world.

Where is World Kebab Day celebrated?

World Kebab Day is celebrated majorly by Turkey, where this dish was found, but as this dish got popular and is now eaten in most countries, World Kebab Day is celebrated globally.

Who is World Kebab Day celebrated by?

People who love kebabs celebrate on this day. This day creates awareness across the world regarding these delicious delicacies.

When did World Kebab Day first start?

From the year 1970, when this dish became popular and was eaten by the majority of the American cities and the people of the middle west started loving it, the lovers of kebab grew everywhere, and they actually demanded a day for Kebab Day. This is how World Kebab Day first came to be celebrated.

Who started World Kebab Day?

World Kebab Day was started by lovers of kebab soon after, and this dish gained popularity because of its great taste, juicy flavors, and great aroma. Fans of this dish demanded a specific day for this dish as they felt that there should be a day dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the international love for kebabs. It is these fans who carry forward the tradition of celebrating World Kebab Day on a global scale, even today.

Donner kebabs are prepared from layers of meat stacked on an inverted cone

History And Timeline

These tasty and aromatic kebabs have been a part of the diet of the American people for a long time now. The reason for their inculcation into the American diet is because of the great cultural influence from the countries of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. These regions are the places where many varieties of kebabs are available. In these regions, kebabs are actually very famous among the residents of the region. Since the year of 1970, kebabs have been one of the most loved snacks of the masses and have become increasingly popular all over the world. They have become a snack that is available in large varieties in many large, global, and diverse American cities, such as New York, among many others.

The interest of American people in the cuisine of the Middle East countries has grown on a large scale lately because of the great marketing and commercial advertising done for these cuisines by the media internationally. The love that existed for kebabs across the globe soon became a demand. This sentiment grew so much in people's hearts that kebab lovers actually demanded a separate day needed to celebrate its existence.


Invention Of Kebabs

Around 1377, a kebab was made for the first time in the world.


Donner Kebab

This time marks the invention of the Donner Kebab.


Popularity Increased

In 1950, donner kebabs became famous in Europe.


Introduction Of Gyros

The famous food chain of gyros was launched in the U.S in 1970.


Popularity of Chicken Kebabs

Around the '90s, chicken kebabs gained a lot of popularity.

Traditions and Customs

The main tradition and custom of this day are that people often prepare kebabs and enjoy this delicacy with their loved ones, as it can also be a day that can be spent with your loved ones over delicious food.

How can we observe and celebrate World Kebab Day?

The best way to celebrate this day is that you can try new kebab recipes, prepare kebabs at home or organize a grilled kebab party at your place. There is so much which you can do over kebabs.

Facts and Stats

  • World Kebab Day is one of the most important food festivals that is celebrated across various restaurants across the world.
  • World Kebab Day is the day when people visit their favorite restaurants and indulge in some delicious Turkish Kebabs.
  • All meat lovers of the world enjoy visiting their favorite food joint to enjoy some delicious kebabs on this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


July 9, 2020


July 9, 2021


July 9, 2022


July 9, 2023


July 9, 2024


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