World Laboratory Day
April 22, 2023

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World Laboratory Day recognizes the controlled workspaces where all the scientific magic happens.

Laboratories are places where amazing inventions take place. These are controlled environments, which run under restricted guidelines by regulatory authorities.

Every single day, numerous experiments are performed by people involved in various fields of science. This day honors their hard work.

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Where is World Laboratory Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated by people throughout the world.

Who is World Laboratory Day celebrated by?

April 23 is celebrated by all the inventors, researchers, and other people who are involved in a research-related activity.

When did World Laboratory Day first start?

The origins of this day are not clear.

Who started World Laboratory Day?

It is not known who started this day.

Many science-related discoveries, like the founding of new elements in the periodic table, took place in laboratories.

History And Timeline

Although the origins of World Laboratory Day are a mystery to us, laboratories are associated with significant historical events. Let's dive into some of these!

400 BC

Earliest Laboratory

The earliest laboratory was the home laboratory of Pythagoras, the mathematician and philosopher of Ancient Greece.


Early Discoveries Of Vaccination

French microbiologist Louis Pasteur engaged himself in the testing of vaccines in his lab.

19th Century

Team Lab Research

Team research in laboratories started around this time.


Introduction Of Lab Rules

The OSHA Laboratory Standard rules were issued at this time.

20th Century

Development Of Equipment

Various pieces of equipment that are used in laboratories were discovered and created.

Traditions And Customs

There are no particular traditions followed on this day. Some people visit a nearby lab to learn about the processes which make labs safe for research.

Some laboratories also host event afternoons where people can come and research their ideas. Who knows what new invention will occur! Social media buzzes with various interesting videos of research and testing in lab facilities that inspire people to launch the scientists in themself and start augmenting their knowledge in science.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Laboratory Day

You can actually celebrate this day by reading about some of the greatest inventions that took place in laboratories. Testing on a new idea in a lab facility and carrying out experiments to come across a sudden discovery are also fun ways to observe this day.

You can also visit labs and learn about the tools and instruments which are used in a lab or understand the processes which make a lab facility safe enough to carry out risky research. Search on the internet about the history of research pioneers such as Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, and Robert Koch. Create an event to spread awareness about this day and also pay tribute to the revolutionary things that have been discovered up to this point.

Facts And Stats

  • On World Laboratory Day, people from various parts of the world salute researchers working on the COVID19 vaccine and better understanding the traits of this virus.
  • Did you know that most scientists contract various kinds of diseases while working in laboratories that are further spread in public places? This day might be a great day to research how a researcher stays safe from the dangers of the lab!
  • Apart from World Laboratory Day, April 23 is also celebrated as World Book Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated


April 22, 2020


April 22, 2021


April 22, 2022


April 22, 2023


April 22, 2024


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