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World Lizard Day

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Where is World Lizard Day celebrated?  

People all throughout the world commemorate World Lizard Day.

Who is World Lizard Day celebrated by?

There is no restriction to celebrating World Lizard Day. Anyone out there who is keen on reptiles or has common pets such as a green iguana can celebrate either by visiting a nearby zoo or by sharing pictures of their pet. 

When did World Lizard Day first start?

It is unclear who started World Lizard Day, but the day it was initiated, it might have saved many species out there. A great relief for reptile lovers!

Who started World Lizard Day?

It is yet unknown who started World Lizard Day, but whoever did might have made many people aware that there are 5600–6000 species of lizards. Lizard species vary on the basis of their size, shape, and natural habitats. A large lizard might have a short and thick tail, while a small lizard might have a thin and long tail. 

The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard species in the world.

History And Timeline

Learn more about the history of World Lizard Day since you know how it all began!

315 Million Years Ago

First Lizard On Earth

Hylonomus lyelli is the earliest documented reptile. Hylonomus existed around 315 million years ago, in the Late Carboniferous Period. The Coal Age and Pennsylvanian are other names for this epoch.

113 Million Years Ago

Oldest Lizard Fossil

The Crato Strata of northeast Brazil is home to three species of lizard with evolutionary relationships that are up for debate. Subsequently in the Cretaceous period, the record grows marginally, featuring new fossils primarily from Brazil and Argentina.


Longest Lived Lizard

The Grand Cayman blue iguana, Cyclura lewisi, is one of the world's longest-living lizards. Researcher Ira Thompson discovered a male adult designated Godzilla living near Grand Cayman in 1950, determining the age of Godzilla to be 15 years.


World's Smallest Lizard

Brookesia nana, referred to colloquially as the nano-chameleon, is a chameleon species indigenous to the northern parts of Madagascar's montane rainforests and was first identified in 2021.

August 14, 2021

Last World Lizard Day Celebrated

Last year, World Lizard Day was celebrated on August 14, 2021, and people, due to the pandemic, uploaded pictures on their social media profiles.

Traditions And Customs

There is no specific custom or any ritual to celebrate the World Lizard, and it can be celebrated by anyone in the world. There are 5600–6000 lizard species with different sizes, shapes, and tails. Mostly, the lizards are seen on the house walls in the backyard and are controlled by the pest controllers in human settlements. 

World Lizard Day is the ideal occasion for a joyous observance of a reptile affinity, as well as a platform to increase awareness about the natural world.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Lizard Day

Visit your local wildlife park and learn about the lizard species.

If you are an enthusiastic reptile lover, then do adopt one, considering all the points before bringing them home. 

Bring in some good study material elaborating on reptiles such as lizards. 

Enjoy reading about famous lizards such as Puff the Magic Dragon, Spider-Man's enemy, and Godzilla. 

Facts And Stats

  • Lizards are found globally from eastern to western countries, with the exception of Antarctica which shows the importance of the day
  • Another important point to remember on Lizard Day is that they mostly absorb water from the food they consume, so lizards require less water intake.
  • A lizard diet consists of insects and shrubs and is another fact that people are made aware of on this day

FAQs About World Lizard Day

How many lizards are left in the world?

There are around 5600–6000 different lizard species, many of which are listed under the category of threatened species.

What is the significance of world lizard day?

The purpose of World Lizard Day is to bring to the public's attention the primary threats to this reptile species, such as habitat loss.

What is the lifespan of a house lizard?

The average life of a house lizard is two years. But in general, lizards can live for up to 10 years.

Where do lizards go at night?

Lizards don't require quite so much nutrition when it's chilly outside, which is normally at night. They can be found in the warm corners of a wall's cracks.

How long do lizards live without food?

Most lizards are cold-blooded animals which means their metabolism slows down in colder weather. So the answer to this question depends, not only on the species of lizard but also on the season!

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 14, 2020 Friday
August 14, 2021 Saturday
August 14, 2022 Sunday
August 14, 2023 Monday
August 14, 2024 Wednesday

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