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World Maths Day

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Where is World Maths Day celebrated?  

 This day is celebrated all over the world to emphasize the importance of mathematics.

Who is World Maths Day celebrated by?

This day is more commonly celebrated by the students in schools and colleges, teachers, parents to promote the importance of mathematics in different cultures. Students may participate in a fun event to solve the best world education games.

When did World Maths Day ​first start?

 World Maths Day has grown in popularity rapidly since its inception in 2007.

Who started World Maths Day?

 This unique day is first started by 3P Learning, a digital learning resource.

Pi Day is a celebration of the power of pi, the Greek symbol for 'the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is about 3.14159.' It is observed every year on March 14

History And Timelines

Here is the detailed origin of this day!

Sixth century B.C

The Pythagoreans' Ascendancy

The name 'mathematics' was first coined by Pythagoreans (students of Pythagoras).


The First International Day 

The first World Maths Day event was taking place online, with students from 98 nations participating.


World Record

The Guinness World Record for the Largest Online Math Competition was set on World Maths Day.


The World Education Games

World Maths Day was the highlight of 3P Learning's inaugural World Education Games, which attracted 5.9 million pupils.


The Champions' Conflict

The World Maths Day Champions Challenge was held for the first time.

Traditions And Customs

Parents ask their children to learn more numeracy skills in a fun way.

People conduct many fun events for each age group.

Students in the school may participate in the maths competition with the top students having a chance of winning gold medals.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Maths Day

Put yourself to the test on World Maths Day. Participate in an online math competition and compete against someone from another country. Enter a school-wide competition or compete from home on your laptop. See what you're capable of!

The World Education Games are a free online competition in which students of all age groups complete math questions in a certain period of time. Correct responses in the competition gain points for the top students. In 2015, almost 22,000 participants from schools around the globe took part. The $100,000 raised during the games helped nearly 33,000 children.

Facts And Stats

  • On March 13, 2007, the first World Maths Day had been celebrated. 38,904,275 questions were answered by 287,000 participants from 98 countries.
  • 1.9 million children participated in the World Maths Day event in 2009.
  • With around 500 million math questions completed during the event, World Maths Day set a Guinness World Record for the Biggest Online Maths Competition[3] in 2011.

FAQs About World Maths Day

What date is World Maths Day 2022?

March 23 every year is celebrated as this day.

Who started Maths Day?

3P learning first started this day.

What do teachers say about World Maths Day?

Teachers insists the children participate in maths event for developing numeracy skills.

How do celebrating World Maths Day support students?

By celebrating this day, students get to know more about the importance of numbers in their daily lives.

What are some events similar to World Maths Day?

Free online maths games are available to commemorate this day.

How do families celebrate World Maths Day?

Family members emphasize the origin and the usage of numbers on this day. This may be useful for them in money handling and many day-to-day activities.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 23, 2020 Monday
March 23, 2021 Tuesday
March 23, 2022 Wednesday
March 23, 2023 Thursday
March 23, 2024 Saturday

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