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World Meditation Day

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FAQs About World Meditation Day

When was World Meditation Day 2020?

World Meditation Day was celebrated on May 20, which was on a Wednesday.

How do we celebrate World Meditation Day?

People celebrate this day by taking a moment out of their lives to meditate and focus on practicing mindfulness.

What are the three types of meditation?

The three major types of meditation are open awareness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and concentration meditation.

What is the significance of World Meditation Day?

World Meditation Day is important because on this day people give importance to their mental health. People often forget to prioritize their emotional well-being which is exactly what this day reminds people of.

How long should you meditate in a day?

The best duration for meditating is 40-45 minutes per day.

What happens if you meditate every day?

By meditating every day, you become more mindful and focused.

How do you know if meditation is working?

You would know that meditation is bearing fruits for you when you feel more emotionally at peace with yourself.

How does this day affect people psychologically/emotionally?

Meditation helps people to be psychologically and emotionally stable, healthy, and independent.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 20, 2020 Wednesday
May 20, 2021 Thursday
May 20, 2022 Friday
May 20, 2023 Saturday
May 20, 2024 Monday

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