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World Menopause Day

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Where is World Menopause Day observed?

 World Menopause Day is widely observed in almost all countries in the world.

Who is World Menopause Day observed by?

This is observed by mostly women who are in early menopause or nearing menopause, as well as by healthcare professionals to raise awareness among other women about the health issues.

When did World Menopause Day first start?

 In 1984, the first World Menopause Day was established.

Who started World Menopause Day?

 The World Menopause Day Awareness Campaign was organized by the International Menopause Society, which emphasizes the need to use menopause time to examine female-specific risk factors and prevent heart disease.

Menopause symptoms and suffering can last for over a decade, with perimenopause beginning up to a year before menopause.

History And Timelines

Here is the detailed origin of this day!


International Menopause Society

Rodney Baber founded the IMS at the second International Congress on Menopause in Jerusalem.


Origin Of Menopause Day

The International Menopause Society (IMS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) designated October 18 as the day to raise awareness and give hands to women going through menopause.


Origin Of NAMS

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), a non-profit organization dedicated to better understanding menopause, was founded.


Menopause Month

Because local organizations could not readily plan awareness-related events on a single day, the International Menopause Society decided that the entire month would be dedicated to raising menopausal awareness.



The theme for 2021 World Menopause Day was 'bone health.'

Traditions And Customs

Workshops, conferences, webinars, guest speeches, and other programs are held by many women's health organizations and groups.

Women are also urged to discuss their personal experiences with menopause and what has helped them get through it. 

Ladies are advised to speak with elderly women in their lives about their experiences with menopause.

Women may read about celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Thompson, and Whoopi Goldberg, who have spoken about menopause.

Women can listen to learn more about menopause.

Ways To Observe World Menopause Day

Discover something about the signs and symptoms of menopause, as well as how to deal with them effectively.

Consider creating health information from the International Menopause Society publicly available to anyone who will be going through menopause.

Make an appointment with healthcare. Collaborate with local community leaders to host a menopause discussion facilitated by qualified healthcare practitioners.

Make contact with someone you know who is going through menopause. If you meet someone going through menopause, be gentle and sympathetic as they tell you about their experience.

Facts And Stats

  • The International Menopause Society organizes World Menopause Day every year on October 18th.
  • The goal of the day is to increase awareness of menopause and provide resources to help women improve their health and well-being.
  • Bone health is the subject for 2021. To complement the year's topic, the International Menopause Society provides a variety of materials, including posters and toolkits.

FAQs About World Menopause Day

When was the first World Menopause Day?

In 1984, the first World Menopause Day was observed.

How long does menopause last?

Menopause can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the individual. The average duration of menopausal symptoms is 4.5 years.

What are some reasons for observing World Menopause Day?

Menopausal health is still a major challenge for women to discuss in public. Despite the fact that menopause is a fully natural element of women's health, people all over the world are still unable to discuss it.

What is the importance of observing World Menopause Day?

Celebrating this day is important because women can understand the menopause symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, brain fog, low energy which are quite common. Health professionals may conduct campaigns among women to elaborate on the average age of menopause and other health issues to increase awareness.

What are some events related to World Menopause Day?

National Chocolate Cupcake Day is the event celebrated along with this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 18, 2020 Sunday
October 18, 2021 Monday
October 18, 2022 Tuesday
October 18, 2023 Wednesday
October 18, 2024 Friday

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