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World Opera Day

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Where is World Opera Day celebrated?  

This day is observed worldwide, particularly in countries that are well-known for their opera performances.

Who is World Opera Day celebrated by?

The day is for opera lovers and artists of this profession who wish to spread the word about this art form.

When did World Opera Day first start?

The day was only recently founded in 2019 and has increased in popularity since.

Who started World Opera Day?

A collaboration of three opera companies namely Opera America, Opera Latino america and Opera Europa organized the first World Opera Day.

Sydney Opera House is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and was added to the list on June 28, 2007 due to its distinctive architecture.

History And Timeline

Opera companies are constantly on the lookout for new talent. They seek young singers as they can train easily and young artists who can be molded to fit into opera. Here is the history of some important dates that have brought fame to this talent filled art form.


The First Opera

The first opera 'Dafne' was written and composed by Jacopo Peri from Italy.


The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House was completed in 1946 and houses The Royal Opera, one of the most important and prestigious opera companies in London.


The Opera Magazine

A magazine line dedicated to all things opera with news about the opera academy and famous opera singers and much more. It is a British magazine.

October 20, 1973

The Opera House

After struggling to build the complex structure for 14 years, the Opera House in Sydney was completed on this date.


The International Opera Award

The award was founded by Harry Hyman who wanted more attention to be directed to this form of art and wanted it to be recognized better.


Founding Of The Day

World Opera Day has occurred on October 25 every year since its founding day in 2019.


'The Anthropocene Opera'

Anthropocene is the age we are living in where humans are impacting the planet in a negative manner, like climate change. An opera was composed by MacRae with this title in 2019 which was a psychological thriller and is a very modern take.

Traditions And Customs

The traditions of this day usually involve social media. Posting about opera artists or your favorite opera singer are common things to do. You can also post anything about opera and why you like it.

Since it's a fairly new occasion, new ways to celebrate this day are still being created.


Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Opera Day

If you are a newbie don't worry. If there are any opera studios near you check them out. If not, fret not! You can always watch artists give their performances online. If you find a live stream link then even better.

Do a little bit of research about opera. You will be surprised to know that it is performed in a range of genres from satire to romance.

If you are a movie person then watch 'Amadeus' a biopic of Mozart's life which is filled with his music compositions and opera. Or you can watch 'The Greatest Showman' which has an actor playing a very famous opera singer nicknamed the Swedish Nightingale. Her name was Jenny Lind.


Facts And Stats

  • The first opera to be held in the US happened at the French Opera House in New Orleans in 1796. Since then the city has been known as America's First City of Opera. If you live close by make sure to visit the place on this day.
  • We've all heard of opera singers being able to shatter wine glasses. This is true and a lot of science is involved in this. If you think this will be a fun way to celebrate this day then go ahead, but make sure your neighbors are OK with it first!
  • Did you know the day falls on the birthdays of two very famous music composers of the opera world? Georges Bizet (born 1838) and Johann Strauss II (born 1825) were born on October 25. Coincidentally enough, they both share the same death anniversary too, but on different years. What are the chances of that happening?

FAQs About World Opera Day

What is the significance of World Opera Day?

It promotes this form of art and encourages young artists to take up this as a career.

How is World Opera Day different from World Theater Day?

While this day is more specific to opera, World Theater Day showcases the importance of theater as an art form that has entertained and impacted many lives.

When and where did opera originate?

Opera originated in Italy during the 16th century.

What was the first opera?

The first opera was called 'Dafne' and was written by Italian composer Jacopo Peri.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 25, 2020 Sunday
October 25, 2021 Monday
October 25, 2022 Tuesday
October 25, 2023 Wednesday
October 25, 2024 Friday

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