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World Parrot Day

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Where is World Parrot Day celebrated?  

The day is celebrated in many countries with the aim of protecting parrots and creating awareness of threats to them as well.

Who is World Parrot Day celebrated by?

The day of celebration targets enthusiasts and people to save parrots from being endangered.

When did World Parrot Day first start?

This day was started on May 31, 2004, highlighting the threats parrots face in the wild.

Who started World Parrot Day?

World Parrot Day was founded by the World Parrot Trust and adopted by many organizations to be held annually on May 31.

May 31 appreciates and protects the feathered friends, Parrots.

History And Timeline

Now that we have learned the day, let's learn more about its history.


World Parrot Trust (WPT)

WPT was established to protect parrots through conservation and welfare programs.


Echo Parakeet Project

The conservation of the Echo Parakeet was initiated by Dr. Carl Jones with Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust and World Parrot Trust to save the Echo Parakeet in Mauritius. Their effort led to an increase in population numbers by 700.


World Parrot Day

The day was first initiated by WPT in 2004 to highlight threats to wild and captive parrots worldwide.

May 31, 2004

Petition For Complete Ban

WPT held a parrot rally in Trafalgar Square in London and handed the petition that contained 33,000 signatures for a complete ban on importing wild parrots into the European Union (EU).


The Ban

The EU Commission announced a permanent ban on wild bird imports, including parrots, in 2007.

Traditions And Customs

Did you know 1 in 4 parrot species are threatened due to illegal trade and habitat loss? May 31 is observed to pledge to raise awareness about the parrots and commit to their well-being in companion care.

Ways To Celebrate World Parrot Day

WPT conducts various contests and publishes awareness signs, especially for this day. You can participate in the events, donate to the cause, and win contests. The day also encourages a visit to local zoo or zoos worldwide, learning more about different kinds of parrots, and participating in various events, like parrot exhibitions and awareness programs.

You can spend this day teaching about the parrot species and discouraging friends and family members from petting wild birds. Instead, make them aware of companion parrots like Amazon parrots, macaws, cockatoos, and parakeets; some can imitate human speech.

Facts And Stats

  • About 350 parrot species, 28%, are threatened with extinction; one such species is the Kakapo parrot found only in New Zealand. So, this Parrot Day, join hands with conservation and zoos or simply start planting more trees to preserve them.
  • The march to Downing Street to hand the petition to ban importing wild parrots into the EU on May 31, 2004, was part of the inauguration of the first Parrot Day.
  • After the death of the founder of WPT, Mike Reynolds, on September 14, 2007. World Parrot Day also marked honoring his efforts to save the parrots.

FAQs About World Parrot Day

Is there a National Parrot Day?

World Parrot Day, celebrated every year on May 31, is adopted nationally in many countries.

What is the biggest parrot in history?

Squawkzilla, discovered by paleontologists from Australia and New Zealand, is the biggest parrot in history.

What are some important facts about World Parrot Day?

It's the day to celebrate the attractive birds and be aware of the threats faced by them, such as habitat loss, climate changes, and wildlife trade.

What do ecologists say about World Parrot Day?

Parrots derive conclusions about where to find food with or without the presence of clues, an ability previously only seen in humans and other apes. So, saving them is important indeed. 

What are some events similar to World Parrot Day?

Question: What are some events similar to World Parrot Day?

Answer: International Birds Day and World Migratory Bird Day are similar to Parrot Day.

How does this day help in wild bird conservation?

The day spreads awareness of threats faced by parrots and wild birds. So, initiating an awareness for one kind can enhance help for almost all kinds of birds worldwide.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 31, 2020 Sunday
May 31, 2021 Monday
May 31, 2022 Tuesday
May 31, 2023 Wednesday
May 31, 2024 Friday

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