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World Peace Meditation Day

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Where is World Peace Meditation Day celebrated?

World Peace Meditation Day is celebrated throughout the world without the restriction of country, religion, and faith.

Who is World Peace Meditation Day celebrated by?

In about 150 different countries, people all over the globe celebrate this World Peace Meditation Day.

When did World Peace Meditation Day first start?

For the first time, this day was officially celebrated on December 31, 1986, in which as many as 500 million people participated.

Who started World Peace Meditation Day?

The people of Jerusalem were the first to meditate to reduce the effects of wars and bring peace to all. While this was an experiment in the start, later, the studies showed that group meditations did help in curbing the loss of lives and injuries of the war.

Playing music or attending mindfulness events can help you meditate better.

History And Timeline

The people of Jerusalem who peace meditated in groups to try and control the damage that was being done during the war. As weird as this may sound, the act was just an experiment that people believe resulted in fewer casualties and injuries.


World War One

The First World War started a severe loss of life and property.


World War Two

The Second World War plunged the world into the darkness of violence once again.


United Nations

United Nations was formed to promote peace and harmony in the aftermath of World War II.

December 31, 1986

World Peace Day Started

For the first time, this day was celebrated with more than 75 countries participating in the celebrations.


Global Peace Index

The first report of the Global Peace Index was released.

Traditions And Customs

The tradition associated with this world event is simple: to leave all the negativity and bad things in the past and start a new year with hope and peace so that the world can live as one. This is a way to unite all the people irrespective of their country, religion, and faith and meditate for peacefulness that may prevail in the coming year.

A hope of having a more positive and peaceful year ahead, which is not shadowed by the negativity of the past, is what this day's custom is all about.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Peace Meditation Day

You might be confused about how you can celebrate this day and participate in this world event. The steps are straightforward: join the peace meditation groups and meditate for world peace. There are several meditation and yoga clubs available for you to subscribe to.

Try and harvest the peace that resides within you and radiate it outwards so that the world can experience this peace and wars can be avoided. If this peace meditation is done in groups, there is a plethora of peacefulness radiated into the outer world; hence people are often found suggesting to do this peace meditation in groups rather than alone.

Facts And Stats

  • World Peace Meditation Day is also known as World Healing Day or Universal Hour of Peace.
  • For 2021, no theme was assigned to World Peace Meditation Day.
  • Thanks to this international day, meditative and spiritual communities have formed across the world. These communities often participate in flash mobs to create awareness of the benefits of meditation.

FAQs About World Peace Meditation Day

Who coined World Peace Meditation Day?

There is no straight answer to who coined the World Peace Meditation Day, but some people in Jerusalem started the convention of a group meditating for peace during the war in the '80s.

Why should we celebrate World Peace Meditation Day?

Research shows that group meditation on peace has the strength to make positive change; even some scientists have agreed that peace meditation can have physical results.

How can we better celebrate Peace Meditation Day?

You can celebrate Peace Meditation Day by sitting with a group and meditating for world peace, peace within the country, community, and even for the mind and body.

When was the first Peace Meditation Day celebrated?

The first time when World Peace Meditation Day was officially celebrated was on December 31, 1986, with over 500 million people participating in it.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 31, 2020 Thursday
December 31, 2021 Friday
December 31, 2022 Saturday
December 31, 2023 Sunday
December 31, 2024 Tuesday

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