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World Plant Milk Day

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Where is World Plant Milk Day celebrated?

The initiative of marking a day to celebrate and promote plant milk over dairy alternatives was taken up by a London-based businessman, Robbie Lockie, who is also the director and co-founder of Plant Based News. However, World Plant Milk Day is celebrated all over the world by the supporters of plant-based and vegan products.

Who is World Plant Milk Day celebrated by?

Plant milk and dairy-free product lovers, as well as people who accept and promote veganism all around the world, look forward to celebrating World Plant Milk Day every year on August 22.

When did World Plant Milk Day first start?

World Plant Milk Day was founded in 2017. Later in 2018, it was established as a partnership with ProVeg, making the campaign gain higher popularity among the masses.

Who started World Plant Milk Day?

Robbie Lockie, the co-founder and director of Plant Based News, marked August 22 as a day to celebrate the benefits of products that include plant-based, dairy-free products.

Almond milk is the most popular form of plant-based milk.

History And Timeline

Tracing the timeline of how plant-based milk came into the limelight and gained recognition through World Plant Milk Day goes back to 1943.


Coconut Milk Benefits Discovered

This discovery by horticulturalists showed that coconut milk consists of properties that can help other plants grow.


Soy Milk Benefits

The FDA in 1999 ruled that consuming 0.88 oz (25 g) of soy protein every day could help reduce the risk of heart diseases, as well as reduce cholesterol.


Almond Milk Consumption Increases

An estimated 79% increase was observed in the sales of almond milk in the year 2011 alone.


The Top Milk Product

Almond milk became the number one product that was used by the population in the USA, surpassing soy milk consumption.


White Wave Foods Lawsuit

The popular Almond milk brand sued its two competitors, but the case was dismissed.

Traditions And Customs

World Plant Milk Day is more of a campaign promoted internationally as an initiative to encourage the consumption of plant-based and dairy-free products. Researchers and advocates of plant milk continuously motivate people to switch from fat milk to products such as almond milk and soy milk.

Ways To Celebrate World Plant Milk Day

On World Plant Milk Day, one can try to make a shift in their consumption of dairy products by trying plant-based products which are usually extracted from grains, nuts, pseudocereals, seeds, coconut, legumes, potato, etc. Plant milk is also available in various flavors that you can try in order to celebrate the day. Other than plant milk, one can also choose to try other products that are plant-based, and which can also be cooked at home through recipes available on the internet.

Facts And Stats

  • World Plant Milk Day is celebrated across the world by all plant milk lovers.
  • World Plant Milk Day is a celebration of healthier dairy-free alternatives.
  • World Plant Milk Day has its history dating back to events in the year 1943.

FAQs About World Plant Milk Day

When was World Plant Milk Day in 2021?

World Plant Milk Day was celebrated on August 22, Sunday.

What is the importance of World Plant Milk Day?

World Plant Milk Day was brought into recognition with the goal to make people aware of the benefits that we can achieve by shifting to plant-based alternatives from dairy products that are a part of our diet. These benefits are not only related to our health and nutrition, but are also related to stopping animal cruelty and environmental degradation.

What is the history and origin of World Plant Milk Day?

World Plant Milk Day was founded back in 2017 by Robbie Lockie, an advocate of veganism. This day was further established as a campaign in 2018 with the increasing consumption and popularity of plant-based products, especially almond milk.

In which countries do they celebrate World Plant Milk Day?

World Plant Milk Day is celebrated internationally.

How do people celebrate World Plant Milk Day?

Those who celebrate World Plant Milk Day on August 22 indulge in various activities, like cooking special plant-based and vegan recipes along with their friends and families. Some also enjoy taking a walk outside to appreciate and understand the importance of preserving nature.

What are the nutritional benefits of plant milk?

Plant milk is rich in minerals and vitamins, such as calcium. Soy milk has a lot of soy protein. It is also preferred over dairy products since it is low in cholesterol and fat. The fat that is present in plant-based milk includes a combination of mono and polyunsaturated fats, which are healthy for the body.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 22, 2020 Saturday
August 22, 2021 Sunday
August 22, 2022 Monday
August 22, 2023 Tuesday
August 22, 2024 Thursday

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