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World Plumbing Day

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Where is World Plumbing Day celebrated?  

As is well understood through the name itself, World Plumbing Day is a global event and is observed throughout the world.

Who is World Plumbing Day celebrated by?

World Plumbing Day is celebrated by all members of modern society who have access to safe plumbing and sanitation. The celebrations often include supporting and thanking sanitation workers for the services that they provide.

When did World Plumbing Day first start?

World Plumbing Day was observed for the first time on March 11, 2010. This day intends to show that life in a modern society would be very difficult without the plumbing facilities that we often overlook.

Who started World Plumbing Day?

The World Plumbing Council or WPC established World Plumbing Day with the vision that this would bring the importance of plumbing to the forefront - with the context of public health.

There are two events similar to World Plumbing Day, which are 'National Hug a Plumber Day' and 'National Plumbers Day'!

History And Timeline

The history of World Plumbing Day is pretty simple and does not involve too many events.

2700 BCE

Ancient Plumbing

The idea of sanitation and plumbing is ancient and records show that it has existed since 2700 BCE.


Indoor Plumbing

The concept of indoor plumbing started in the 1840s, however, facilities such as fresh water supply were still limited to the extremely rich households.


Gap In Plumbing Facilities

Even though many houses around the world received plumbing facilities at this point, half of them still did not have a hot water supply or even fresh water.

Late 20th Century

Decrease In The Gap

By the late 20th century, more and more houses started to receive plumbing facilities and the plumbing industry grew. Schools and public places also received these privileges.


Founding Of The Day

On March 11, 2010, World Plumbing Day was celebrated for the very first time.

Traditions And Customs

Traditions and customs that surround the celebrations of World Plumbing Day include the teaching of the importance of sanitation facilities in schools through seminars. Another tradition that should be recognized on this day is to appreciate the local plumbers and other sanitation workers who are dedicated to the maintenance of public health.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Plumbing Day

There are several ways to observe this day, but the most thoughtful to do would be to thank your usual local plumber for their services. You can also make any other gesture that seems doable for you!

On this day, the World Plumbing Council also emphasizes the need for people to understand their importance. You can thus utilize the day to learn about the plumbing industry and how it has been evolving in the past few decades.

Facts And Stats

  • World Plumbing Day is observed on March 11 every year.
  • This day was established by the World Plumbing Council.
  • Celebrations of World Plumbing Day are held throughout the world, and people are encouraged to learn more about the ever-growing plumbing industry.

FAQs About World Plumbing Day

When is National Plumber's Day?

National Plumber's Day is celebrated on April 25 annually.

Who encouraged the celebration of World Plumbing Day?

World Plumbing Council marked this day so people could learn more about the importance of safe sanitation as well as raise awareness of its importance.

What are some events related to World Plumbing Day?

Various celebrations, competitions, seminars, and activities are held annually to celebrate this day.

How does celebrating World Plumbing Day support skilled workers?

The World Plumbing Council encourages people to utilize the day in showing their support towards local, small skilled workers by providing them more work and also showing their appreciation through other kind gestures.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 11, 2022 Friday
March 11, 2021 Thursday
March 11, 2023 Saturday
March 11, 2024 Monday
March 11, 2020 Wednesday

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