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World Savings Day

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Where is World Savings Day celebrated?  

 World Savings Day is celebrated worldwide to promote the awareness of savings.

Who is World Savings Day celebrated by?

People from all the nations celebrate World Savings Day.

When did World Savings Day first start?

 World Savings Day was started in 1934 during the International Savings Congress held at Milan in Italy.

Who started World Savings Day?

 Filippo Ravizza, a renowned Italian Professor announced October 31 to be World Savings Day.

Retail banking members mainly celebrate World savings Day to promote the importance of banks.

History And Timeline

World Savings Day came into existence in 1934, during the International Savings Conference. This initiative was taken by Italian Professor Filippo Ravizza. Savings Day is the celebration of promoting thrift and savings. It is essential to conserve money. That is why the saving banks are working closely with the support of schools, offices, women's associations, etc. to improve the financial system. Savings are part of life.

Save money Save future is the only motto to be followed to ensure the economy is steered away from crisis.


World Savings Day

This year, World Savings Day was initiated and changed the perspective of saving money. It is celebrated on October 31.


World Thrift Day

World Thrift was initiated to promote thrift and savings, which assured safe future life.


Porcelain Piggy Bank

In history, we can see that people save money in piggy banks, and the first piggy bank is named the Porcelain piggy bank, which Germans introduced.


When You Save A Bit, Big Things Follow

This is a theme introduced by people as a part of the Savings Day celebration.


Banking Day

In 2019, World Banking Day was introduced to promote bank development in all the countries.

Traditions And Customs

 October 31 was declared World Savings Day in the year 1934. Since then, the members of WSBI have been promoting the importance of thrift and money-saving among all the countries by introducing different schemes and offers in banks and certain investment methods. To bring awareness, people also have created slogans and themes as a gesture.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate World Savings Day

WSBI celebrated and played an important role by improvising banking systems and schemes. These schemes were introduced almost in all the countries. As a part of the celebration, people create savings accounts to secure a part of income. Certain organizations encourage employees to invest in company shares as part of savings. Bitcoin and Mutual fund investments are booming investments today.

Facts And Stats

  • Savings are wealth and are being practiced as the best procedure to increase the economy.
  • Promoting thrift is also equally important apart from only savings and investments.
  • After World Savings Day, many other National investments came into existence to let people know the value of money.

FAQs About World Savings Day

Why is World Savings Day celebrated?

World Savings Day is celebrated to bring awareness of money savings and investments.

What is the theme of World Savings Day?

Themes change every year, and the theme of 2021 was 'Understanding the importance of Savings.'

What is the importance of World Savings Day?

On World Savings Day, the members of retail banks and world-saving accounts celebrate by promoting the importance of banking and thrift.

What is the best plan to save money?

Since history, savings have been followed as a tradition. The best way to save money is either investing the money or saving them in banks.

How much is too much in savings?

All the countries follow the savings procedure. Savings are good, but they should not exceed our limits, and we should never feel like too much burden.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 31, 2020 Saturday
October 31, 2021 Sunday
October 31, 2022 Monday
October 31, 2023 Tuesday
October 31, 2024 Thursday

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