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11 Exciting Christmas Holiday Must-Dos

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The Christmas Holidays are here! It’s a busy time of year but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to squeeze in some family fun. To help make it easier, we’ve chosen a few activities that are definitely Christmas holiday must-dos.

Oi Frog & Friends

This Christmas the much-loved kids books, Oi Frog & Friends, are coming to life live on stage. The puppets and music really make this show a special one, perfect for younger kids. Check out our Kidadler review to find out more.

The Twelve Rebuilds Of Christmas

The Savoy have decked their halls out with lego this year! Go and have a look in their foyer and see the incredible creations for free, they’ve got everything from motorbikes to princess towers to impress the whole family.

A lego motorbike!


Kidzania is back! Let your kids help to run an indoor city for a day. Whether they want to be doctors, radio presenters of firemen, there are so many jobs for them to have a go at. It’s so much fun, you’ll probably be jealous you can’t get involved.

Moby Golf

The UK’s largest adventure golf course is definitely worth a visit over the Christmas holidays. It’s full of pirate-themed fun for the whole family! They even offer a winter pass for unlimited fun.

Christmas Magic Show

Head to the brilliant magic cafe, The Twisted Fork, for a spellbinding Christmas Magic Show. The cafe was started by a Magic Circle magician so you know the magic is going to be pretty incredible. Have a look at our blog post full of reasons why we think your kids will love it.

Mysterious magic

Space Descent Virtual Reality

Head to the Science Museum for a virtual reality experience that’s out of this world! Over Christmas you can find out what it’s like to travel back to earth from the International Space Station accompanied by none other than British astronaut, Tim Peake.

The Big Barbican Adventure

The Big Barbican Adventure is a brilliant free do-it-yourself trail at The Barbican. Discover the secrets of this incredible building through clues, puzzles and creativity! There’s even a small prize once you’ve completed the challenge!

Cinderella: The Rockin’ Panto

Is it even Christmas without a pantomime? We love this rockin’ version of Cinderella with chart-topping tunes and crazy dance moves. It’s so good it’ll rock your socks (and glass slippers) off.

A rockin' panto

Chocolatier Workshop

Dr Choc’s Chocolate Factory have a number of great hands-on workshops. The 60-minute one is a great one, it’s the perfect amount of time to keep kids interested and get creative. Satisfy that sweet tooth and book now with 22% off. 

Santa In Love

Want to meet Father Christmas over the holidays? He’s heading to The Cockpit for a special show and a chance to say hello. It’s a family-friendly musical with loads of laughter and the answer to all your Christmas questions.

Chromotherapy Christmas

Head to Eccleston Yards to see some Christmas lights with a difference. This art installation by Squidsoup is made up of over 500 individually lit hanging orbs, each vibrating in a way that is meant to help generate positive emotions. It’s a great photo opportunity too.

Written By
India Garrett

India is a recent graduate who loves to explore, laugh and eat! Growing up as the eldest of 5, her family were always filling their weekends and holidays with activities to try and keep everyone entertained. Her favourite childhood memories involve running around big open spaces, summer camping trips and special visits to the theatre. She loves going to indoor sensory play areas with her two young cousins and teaching them to bake, although things can often get quite messy!

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