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5 Lessons To Learn From David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy Live

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Bound to strike gold with the whole family is David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy, live on stage at the Garrick Theatre! At just over two hours, Billionaire Boy is the perfect length for mini thespians, grown-ups and anyone in between and follows the spectacular story of Joe Spud - a young billionaire. However, this fast-paced, all-singing, all-dancing, hilarious musical isn’t hanging around for much longer, so get your tickets now from as little as £24 - a pretty good deal for a priceless show! Plus, there’s infinite lessons to take from this inspirational tale, it’s bound to leave you feeling inspired and walk out the theatre smiling - check them out down below!

1. Money isn’t everything

Joe Spud is a young billionaire who, at the age of just 12, is the richest boy in the country! Yet despite his pet crocs, sports cars and £100,000 weekly pocket money, he doesn't have a single friend. Throughout Billionaire Boy Live, we get to understand that having money isn’t everything as we learn that despite his riches, Joe Spud remains largely unhappy. As the show progresses we see that there are plenty of other sources of happiness and understand that things such as friendship, love and even toilet roll (yes!) can put bigger smiles on faces than any amount of money can!

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover

A common theme throughout most of Walliams’ superb tales is not to judge a book by its cover. As Billionaire Boy Live demonstrates, Joe Spud might appear happy on the surface but deep down we come to realise that he’s in fact not. Joe Spud serves as a reminder for youngsters that although we might perceive others as confident or happy or ‘the best’, that sometimes it takes more than looking at the outside to get to truly know someone.

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3. Think about who inspires you in your life

Billionaire Boy Live is not only hilarious, filled to the brim with jokes that both adults and kids can enjoy, but it also encourages you to take a few moments to think about who inspires you in your life. Raj, the owner of Joe’s local newsagent explains that Joe's dad is ‘an inspiration to all of us’ - perhaps take a little time in the interval to discuss what makes someone inspirational and how to be inspirational in everyday life with your mini thespians!

4. How to tackle bullying

Billionaire Boy Live presents important messages about bullying but in a fun, engaging and light-hearted way, ensuring that those messages are still heard but leaves youngsters with smiles on their faces at the same time! Joe Spud attends two schools throughout his time and at both schools bullying takes place in all kinds of forms. Billionaire Boy raises questions about how to tackle bullying whilst re-affirming the idea that anyone who is or has experienced bullying is not alone, putting a positive spin on what can be a horrible experience.

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5. You can’t buy everything with money

At the heart of Billionaire Boy is a story about a boy searching for friendship, learning that having money isn’t everything, and that the most valuable things in life are usually things that can’t be bought. Although Joe attempts to befriend his peers by offering them money, ultimately, he struggles to gain any real friendships. Likewise, it can’t buy good grades or a happy family, leading Joe to realise that money isn’t everything and that you can’t just buy the good things in life.

<p>As a passionate Londoner, Ellie enjoys exploring the city's theaters and food markets with her younger siblings. She has a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Nottingham. She's particularly fond of Primrose Hill and the Natural History Museum, as well as the constantly changing Spitalfields Market. In addition to her love of theater, Ellie also enjoys trying new foods and dabbling in musical theater.</p>

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