5 Reasons Why Oi Frog & Friends Is The Perfect Show For Under 5s

Ellie Sylvester
Feb 02, 2024 By Ellie Sylvester
Originally Published on Oct 02, 2019
Oi Frog
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Leaping into London’s West End is the much-loved Oi Frog & Friends, based off of everyone’s favourite picture books and now newly adapted for the stage with original songs, puppetry and more - it’s bound to be a hit! Once a light-hearted story read before bed, now a full-blown, alive and hopping musical, showing at the infamous Lyric Theatre in the heart of London’s West End.

Kids will join Frog and friends as they start their day at Sittingbottom School. While Frog is looking for a place to sit, Cat has other ideas and Dog is doing what he’s told. But chaos is coming, and there are so many rhyming rules! What will happen when Frog is left in charge? Book your tickets now to find out… Or if you need a little more convincing, check out our five reasons why Oi Frog & Friends is the perfect show, especially for under 5s!

1) It’s the perfect family friendly show that you need in your life

At just an hour long, Oi Frog & Friends is the perfect show to take your toddlers along to! Suitable for kids over the age of 3, it’s a great way to introduce even the littlest of frogs to some seriously good, action-packed theatre. Filled to the brim with songs, puppetry, laughs and, of course, the adventures of Frog and his friends - your little tadpoles will be completely enthralled by this new adaptation. With plenty of witty rhymes, inspired by the original, there’s plenty of opportunity for audience participation, not to mention chaos!

2) Oi! Is that you? See some familiar faces up on stage

Oi Frog & Friends is a big name in pretty much every family household. And there’s a good reason for it! Hailed as one of the bestselling picture book series of the decade, with more than 900,000 copies sold to date and growing, it’s easy to see why Frog and his friends are so popular. And what better way to experience the magic other than to see Frog and his pals up on-stage - live? Sing and groove along from your seat whilst seeing all your favourite characters up close!

oi frog and friends kids picture book live on stage

3) It’s oozing with fun and, well, frogs!

Ribbit! Adapted for the stage by creative team Emma Earle, Zoe Squire, Luke Bateman and Richy Hughes, you and your little ones will be leaping out of your seats as you bounce along to the irresistibly catchy songs and enchanting puppetry that’ll leave your little tadpoles under Frog’s spell the whole time. Prepare yourselves for an hour of mayhem and mischief, as well as some serious frog action and also a few educational tidbits along the way!

4) You can book to see it immediately - from only £17.80!

Unfortunately, Oi Frog and his friends aren’t hanging around for long so you’d best be quick catching them! Coming to the Lyric Theatre, for a limited time this Christmas, from 29th November till 5th January, be sure to catch them before they hop onto another lilypad! With tickets from just £17.80, a trip to see Oi Frog and Friends is the absolute perfect Christmas treat - and what better time to escape to a warm, cosy theatre for some family entertainment than in the Wintery months of Christmas? We can’t think of anything better!

oi frog and friends stage show cheap tickets

5) You’ll come out leaping with joy - we can guarantee!

“Cats sit on mats, hares sit on chairs, mules sit on stools, gophers sit on sofas and frogs sit on logs” – and you’ll be completely glued to your seats when you see this brilliantly family-friendly play based on the award-winning book series - we’re sure of it! It’s the perfect uplifting and action-packed musical that is bound to put a smile on everyone’s face, plus, it’s educational too! So what are you waiting for? Hop on down to the Lyric Theatre today and spend an hour with Frog and the gang!

best selling picture book on the west end stage

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