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5 Reasons Why We Love The Snail And The Whale

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There are plenty of kids shows on stage over the Christmas season but The Snail and The Whale is definitely one of our favourites. Seeing this much-loved bedtime story on stage is a great way to bring the magic to life and a brilliant outing for the whole family! Here are 5 reasons why we love it.

It’s Creative

You might be wondering how a book about a snail and a whale can be performed on stage, but this production is hugely creative. It reimagines the story using an adventurous little girl and her more nervous dad.

The Set

The set of the show is wonderful, it sets the tone perfectly and creatively without being over-the-top. It works really well for kids as it’s not overwhelming and easy to understand.

Lovely Music

The show is set to some beautiful live music to help add to the atmosphere, it really transports you into the story and makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into the pages of the much-loved book.

The cast (and the snails)

It’s Interactive 

A great way to bring theatre to life for kids is to get them involved! The Snail and The Whale cast do this really well and get the audience involved in a subtle but fun way.

It's Brilliant!

The final reason we love this show is because it’s just brilliant! Tall Stories, the team behind the performance, were also responsible for The Gruffalo and Room On The Broom which were huge successes too.

Snail and The Whale Illustration

Join the adventure and book now!

India Garrett
Written By
India Garrett

<p>A broadcast journalism graduate, India is a lover of adventure, laughter, and cuisine. Growing up as the eldest among her five siblings, India's family always made sure to keep themselves entertained during weekends and holidays. Her favorite childhood memories involve running around in open spaces, summer camping trips, and special visits to the theater. India loves spending time with her two young cousins, taking them to indoor sensory play areas, and teaching them how to bake, even though things can sometimes get messy!</p>

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