5 Reasons Why You Should Head To Plonk Golf This Summer

Ting Dalton
Feb 02, 2024 By Ting Dalton
Originally Published on Jun 28, 2019
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How better to tee off your summer than with 50% off tickets to Plonk Crazy Golf ? Plonk Crazy Golf is a bright and beautiful series of indoor and outdoor crazy golf courses around London and every single venue is equally bonkers in the best possible way. With Kidadl's exclusive, tee-rific 50% off deal you'd be crazy to miss out on this crazy golf deal! If you don't believe us, here are five reasons why:

A magical environment

Not only will the kids have a whale of a time playing crazy golf, but they'll spend ages exploring the incredible courses themselves, with each hole themed to perfection. Plonk's astounding attention to detail comes into play no matter which course you choose, with everything from UV lights and smoke machines, to giant pinball machines and balance beams. It'll feel like you've stepped into another world.

A simple game and a level playing field

Crazy golf is the perfect game for a hot summers day; it’s easy to grasp the rules, luck plays a huge role, and it’s been designed to be fun even if you’re not quite at the top of the leaderboard yet. This is particularly important when it comes to competitive games between children, because everyone loves feeling like they're in with a chance of winning!

Varied venues with their own character

Each Plonk Crazy Golf course is completely different, and that’s partly down to the places they’re located, whether it's in the eccentric haven of Camden Market or amidst the hustle and bustle of Holloway Road. Partner venues provide a unique backdrop to each course, and you can choose between indoor and outdoor courses, beer gardens, museums, even London Zoo! This means you can combine a visit to Plonk with a day out at attractions like the Horniman Museum, where birthday packages can also include the animal walk and the butterfly house as well as a game of golf. 

Food and drink to fuel the fun

No game of mini golf would be complete without a hefty supply of food and drink to keep everyone going throughout the jollities. Again, thanks to the venues Plonk has chosen to, well, plonk themselves in, you can expect to find a whole load of different food and drink offers unique to each place. That might mean street food in Camden Market, BBQ or pub lunches in Islington. Mmmmm.

Added extras for even more fun

Plonk venues aren’t just places where you can play crazy golf - in some cases there’s a whole load of different entertainment going on in the same building. Among the bonus games you can look out for are arcade games, ping pong, table football and other fun things to mess around with when you’re not playing golf. There's endless fun to be had at Plonk Crazy Golf and it's all the more reason to come back again and again for something unique every time!

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