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5 Top Tips For The Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival

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At this time of year, there’s nothing like a light installation to brighten up the cold dark evenings, especially when it’s free! The annual Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival will be back on the 16th of January for its sixth year! There will be over 25 incredible installations all over Canary Wharf. It may feel like a while away, but the busyness of Christmas means it’ll be here in no time so we thought we’d share our top tips.

Wrap Up

It might seem obvious, but it’ll be cold! Make sure you wrap up warm so you can enjoy the lights without freezing. We recommend hats, gloves, scarves and as many layers as you can squeeze on!

Plan Ahead

With over 25 different installations to see, you’re going to want to make sure you plan your visit. Have a look at the map or some of the suggested routes so that you don’t miss anything. The full route takes around 90 minutes but you can definitely make it shorter and tailor it to what you’re family want to see.

Go Hungry

There are some brilliant Winter Lights Bites street food hubs dotted around the route as well as plenty of restaurants to check out while you’re there.

Get Up Close

Some of the light installations are designed to be admired from afar but there are plenty you can get up close and interact with. Your kids will be amazed at the incredible artwork and how they can almost become a part of the exhibition! Be prepared for plenty of brilliant pictures!

A beautiful tree

Take A Tour

The team behind the Winter Lights Festival have organised a few different tours to help you make the most of your visit. If you’re short on time, why not go on the quick tour? There’s even a family friendly one that’s great for kids.

Written By
India Garrett

India is a recent graduate who loves to explore, laugh and eat! Growing up as the eldest of 5, her family were always filling their weekends and holidays with activities to try and keep everyone entertained. Her favourite childhood memories involve running around big open spaces, summer camping trips and special visits to the theatre. She loves going to indoor sensory play areas with her two young cousins and teaching them to bake, although things can often get quite messy!

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