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5 Wonderful Ways To Stay Active This Winter

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Now it’s colder, wetter and darker outside, it can be harder to get the kids out and about and keep the whole family moving. However, getting a bit of exercise can be much more exciting than a trip to the park! We’ve got 5 wonderful and slightly unusual ways you can stay active this winter.


Splatmaster is a brilliant new kids activity. It’s essentially low impact paintballing where slower speeds and more fragile paintballs make the whole thing safer and more enjoyable! With teams of 6-10, this is a great one if you’ve got a big family or your kids are keen to bring some friends along. It’s outside but we’re sure you’ll warm up quickly once you start battling it out. Splatmaster happens at Bedlam Paintballing Centres across the country so just find the one closest to you and book now!

Take cover!

BrakeAway Bike Tours

Bike Tours are a great way to see the city and get moving. The Grand London Tour from BrakeAway is a particularly good one that takes you to lesser known spots that a big bus can’t get to. You’ll see the city’s most famous monuments and discover the secrets of it’s bizarre past and present.

Cloud 9 Leisure

Cloud 9 Leisure takes inflatable fun to a whole new level. As well as the standard bouncy castle, there’s dodge-ball, bungee runs, human table football and an incredible obstacle course. Cloud 9 Leisure has been described as Ninja Warrior meets Total Wipeout in a fun and safe way. It’s indoors as well so you’ll be on cloud 9 whatever the weather!

Fun on Cloud 9!

Golf Kingdom

You probably won’t work up a sweat, but a bit of golf is a good way to get the whole family out and about. Let your competitive side out on the FUN Golf Course as you warm up with target practice then make your way around the brilliant course. Why not try out some football golf while you’re there? To add to the fun, we’ve got 31% off!

ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide

This doesn’t require so much physical movement, but it’ll definitely get your heart pumping! Located at the Olympic Park, The ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide is the longest and tallest slide in the world. The views of London from the top are pretty impressive, make sure you take them all in before you zoom down. Kids do have to be over 8 for this one and make sure you’ve got long sleeves and trousers on.

Written By
India Garrett

India is a recent graduate who loves to explore, laugh and eat! Growing up as the eldest of 5, her family were always filling their weekends and holidays with activities to try and keep everyone entertained. Her favourite childhood memories involve running around big open spaces, summer camping trips and special visits to the theatre. She loves going to indoor sensory play areas with her two young cousins and teaching them to bake, although things can often get quite messy!

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