A-maze-ing! Tackle The Maze And So Much More At Hampton Court Palace! | Kidadl


A-maze-ing! Tackle The Maze And So Much More At Hampton Court Palace!

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Transport yourself back in time and spend the day at Hampton Court Palace! Immerse your little kings and queens in Henry VIII's stomping ground and travel back to the days of jesters and execution (ouch!). Explore the magnificent grounds and uncover what's lurking among the trees and plants, get suited and booted in the finest royal robes, lose yourself in one of the most famous mazes in the world and more. Plus, with tickets starting from just £24.35, there’s no reason why you and your family shouldn't embark on this truly royal day out! Continue reading to find out our top five picks of things to do and see at Hampton Court Palace.

1. Get lost in the maze!

Hampton Court Palace is home to the UK's oldest surviving hedge maze; it covers a third of an acre and is always loads of fun for everyone involved. This incredible maze will have you twisting and turning at every corner, reaching intriguing dead ends and making you question if there even is a centre point (trust us - you'll get there in the end)! Bring along the whole family and see who can get to the middle the fastest... you never know what's waiting in the centre!

hampton court palace maze things to do as a family

2. Learn about the historical highlights of Hampton Court Gardens

If you’ve got budding historians, join expert guides as they share the historical highlights of Hampton Court Gardens! Included in palace admission, head to the East Front vestibule at 12:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and get ready to experience the most historic parts of the gardens, covering over 500 years of history! From the Privy Garden and Queen Mary’s Bower to the Orangery Garden and the Pond Gardens, you’ll be amazed by the unique tidbits and facts from the expert guides. An educational and entertaining way to make the most out of your trip to the palace!

3. Set eyes on some Elizabethan confectionary

Have you got a sweet tooth? Exclusive for February half-term, head to King Henry VIII’s Kitchens and witness a team of history cooks at Hampton Court Palace create Tudor knot garden made from sugar! From box hedging to gravel paths, architectural obelisks to sugar fountains, check out the crazy cookery methods Elizabeth I’s cooks would have employed in order to create such delicacies fit for the Queen!

hampton court palace sweet making

4. Join Elizabeth I and become a spy for the day

Again, exclusive for February half-term, collect your special spymasters character card when you arrive at the palace to find out where and when these performances will take place, and become a spy for the day! With a new threat to the Queen’s throne, it is up to you and your mini spymasters to meet the suspects in her court, decipher mysterious codes and listen in on conversations to uncover any secret information - how exciting!

5. Enjoy royally good storytelling

With Storytime Adventures at Hampton Court Palace, be immersed in much-loved children's stories that can be linked to Hampton Court's incredible history. Put on your crown and venture into the world of make-believe, learn about the Tudor past and be captivated by lively, engaging storytelling that is bound to have your little kings and queens on the edge of their thrones.

storytelling sessions at hampton court palace

Ellie is a keen Londoner, thespian and foodie! She's the oldest of three and loves taking her younger siblings, aged nine and fourteen, on adventures to the theatre and food markets, trying new foods and dabbling in the world of musical theatre. Some of her favourite spots include Primrose Hill and the Natural History Museum, not to mention the ever-changing Spitalfields Market.

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